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Hans Andeweg & Rijk Bols

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Vision and mission


Training team






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Who are we?

Center for ECOintention was established by Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols. Up until January 1st 2015 it was called Centrum voor ECOtherapie.



Management team


Hans Andeweg | ECOintention



Hans Andeweg

Hans Andeweg (MSc) studied biology at Wageningen University. His study included marketing and management, pedagogy and philosophy. He was head of the agriculture department at the Louis Bolk Institute in Driebergen. In 1990 he went to work in Germany for the Institute of Resonance Therapy (IRT) to help develop a large-scale method for healing sick eco- and business systems. The resonance therapy itself was very successful, but Hans missed the involvement of people on location. That was his motivation for writing the book In Resonance with Nature in 1999 which was the start of ECOintention. His next book followed in 2011 in Dutch (Scheppend leven) and 2015 in English (The Universe Loves a Happy Ending). Together they provide the Principles for ECOintention. Hans Andeweg leads the majority of the four-year vocational training for ECOintention Practitioners. He also mentors projects and leads acquisition.


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Rijk Bols



Rijk Bols

Rijk Bols worked for fifteen years as a laboratory technician. In 1994 she started working at the German Institute for Resonance Therapy (IRT). Since then her fulltime work has been energetically balancing woods, estates, organizations and events. In 1999 she and Hans Andeweg left the IRT to start an initiative themselves. This lead to the establishment of Centrum voor ECOtherapie in 2000. In the Center, Rijk is responsible for the balancing of all projects. This involves more than 100 projects a year which are balanced by herself, colleagues or trainees. She supervises a team of ECOintention Practitioners who mentor the 2nd and 3rd year trainees in the balancing of their projects, as well as a team of ECOintention Practitioners who balance projects on behalf of the Center.


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The center's activities

Center for ECOintention supports projects with ECOintention, from organizations, events and natural areas in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France to forests in Costa Rica and estates in England and Scotland. The Center also runs courses, workshops and a four-year vocational training to become an ECOintention Practitioner. The ECOintention training is registered by the CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education) and meets the quality code for short vocational education. More than 100 ECOintention Practitioners have graduated so far. Some of them work for Center for ECOintention. Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols are the core management team of Center for ECOintention.





Center for ECOintention works with a team of freelance ECOintention Practitioners. They balance and coach projects for the Center, run workshops and deliver parts of the ECOintention Practitioner vocational training.


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