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Vision and mission


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Vision and mission

ECOintention was called ECOtherapy until 01.01.2015. The method came out of resonance therapy. The latter was developed by Irene Lutz. She ran a large practice as a natural healer in Frankfurt. In the 1980s she realized that people were increasingly less able to recharge and regenerate in what was a weakened natural environment – something that nature always used to do. It was obvious to her that she needed to start balancing woods instead of people. That way nature would be helped and tired people would be able to recharge themselves properly again.


Highest Purpose

In the same period, during her morning meditations, she started to see “black holes” in many European countries, threatening the integrity of “organism Europe”. She perceived the forces behind this to be blocking life’s development towards its highest purpose, namely freedom, self-awareness and universal love. They created disease and disintegration. They caused aggression and division between people.


Healing nature and culture

This awareness and vision inspired Irene Lutz to develop a method to heal nature and culture at large scale so everyone and everything was free to find their own path to their destination. She felt that she was greatly supported and guided in this by the spiritual world.


Establishment of Center for ECOintention

Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols worked from 1990 to 1998 with the Institute for Resonance Therapy. The institute closed in 2001. In 2000 they established Centrum for ECOtherapie in the Netherlands with the same vision and mission as Irene Lutz. Since 01.01.15 it has been called Center for ECOintention..


Healthy land

With ECOintention we hope to contribute to the healing of nature and culture. We see healing nature as one of our most important tasks, as people can only develop well with healthy land that provides healthy food and a safe home. We are particularly interested in animals as they are currently suffering so much due to human behavior. We can’t abolish the practices that hurt animals but with our method we can soften the pain and improve the conditions they live in.


Healthy living and working environments

In organizations and other parts of society we hope that with ECOintention we may be able to support the creation of healthy living and working environments, in which everyone can discover their deepest self and uniqueness. Everyone has something special to offer this world, whatever their background, religion or job. There is unity in diversity. In a healthy balanced environment everyone can be themselves, free of fear, and able to see their true self and that of others. This creates mutual understanding and connection between people, the Earth and the spiritual world.




At Center for ECOintention everyone and every project is welcome. We heal what we are permitted and able to heal. We check this with our inner guidance and higher self. In this process, we allow everyone to be who they are, as judgment is counter-productive to healing.


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