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What is ECOintention? | The method

ECOintention is perceiving, interpreting and improving the (life) energy in organizations and ecosystems. It is a method to bring healthy energy and flow back into organizations and ecosystems. Center for ECOintention has been successfully applying this approach for more than 25 years in numerous projects. ECOintention is a profession that you can learn during the four-year vocational training to become an ECOintention Practitioner.




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Everything radiates energy; a person, an animal, a tree, the ground and vegetation. Even a building has radiance. In people we call this energy their aura. The amount of energetic radiance is a way of measuring health and vitality. In a building the radiance influences the living and working environments and the health of all. This radiance is a result of the amount of life energy in an organism or building.


All the ancient cultures had a name for Life energy: Ch’i, prana, mana etc. According to the ancient Chinese Ch’i is the universal life energy that streams through all of creation. This energy is present everywhere. It is the energy with a thousand names. All of matter is composed of and soaked in Ch’i.


Modern science confirms this ancient wisdom. Quantum mechanics discovered that the atom is made up of 99,999999999999% empty space. This is filled with life energy. Science calls it Zero Point Energy. It turns out that the remaining 0,000000000001% of matter is not made up of fixed particles but of energy. Everything is energy and energy radiates.


Everyone can perceive radiance and life energy. It doesn’t require any special gift. The only condition is that you are relaxed inside. There are many ways to achieve this; sit down for a moment, breathing exercises, meditation etc. ECOintention uses relaxation exercises from Intuitive Development.


You can perceive life energy and radiance with your hands, dowsing rods or a pendulum. You can also feel it in your body or in the feeling a building or place has. Center for ECOintention has developed a method to compare and check different people’s energetic perceptions. This is based on Huna, ancient wisdom from Hawaii.




'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Albert Einstein



Alongside more traditional measurements, energetic readings give you a deeper insight into the current condition of an organization or ecosystem. Due to their subtle nature, energetic changes always precede biological changes. Problems in an organization can be picked up much earlier at the energetic level. Energetic blockages reduce productivity and cause misunderstanding on the work floor. Good energy puts in place the right conditions and makes sure that luck is on your side.


Center for ECOintention has developed energetic scales and parameters to assess the health and vitality of organizations and ecosystems. There are energetic values for the amount of life energy, blockages, stress, grounding and self-organization. These values are depicted in charts. In this way they can be compared with the target values of a healthy organization and the development of an ECOintention project can be tracked.


Previously existing scales are also used, such as the Bovis scale to assess vitality. This was developed by the Frenchman André Bovis. At the beginning of the previous century he and his research team dowsed the vitality of food in a project for the French government





'Een atoom bestaat voor 99,99999999% uit lege ruimte'



ECOintention is unique. There is no other method that both brings back healthy energy and flow into an organization and at the same time coaches the client. This holistic approach makes awareness-raising and change processes happen more quickly and the impact last longer. Improving the energy happens in three phases:


1 - Balancing phase: this is the process of bringing the energy up to the target values. All energetic values are tracked in graphics so you can follow the whole process.


2 - Stabilization phase: the energy in the organization is optimal. Clients often notice in this phase that a calmness returns to the organization.


3 - Continuation phase: the energy has been deeply anchored. The benefits can now be harvested. In this phase we step back and you take over the energetic guardianship.


 Everything is energy and everything has a unique individual vibration. ECOintention strengthens the vibration of a project using energetic items that vibrate in a similar way. This is the principle of resonance. Every item has a specific effect. One increases the energy, another one dissolves blockages, for example. An ECOintention Practitioner knows the way these work and applies them with consciousness, commitment and care.



You are coached as a client throughout the whole project. You learn about how your organization functions energetically, and how to steward the energy and provide direction with your intention. Transforming stagnation in the organization and old patterns in yourself are important parts of the work. This is called resonant leadership. It’s based on the principles of energetic guardianship.


The principles of energetic guardianship are


1 Inner Peace You can only work with energy if you are relaxed inside
2 Consciousness of the whole You can only charge something energetically if you are conscious of its boundaries
3 Feeling for what’s going on By giving the system and everything in it positive attention you charge it up energetically
4 Subject matter expertise Before you direct energy, you formulate realistic goals


5 Identify, affirm and visualize goals You focus your attention on these goals and imagine that they have been realized
6 Process past pain What is holding you back from the past and is standing in the way of you fulfilling your dream?



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