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The power of intention

From stagnation to flow

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From stagnation to flow - from chaos to coherence

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, the formative force, the mental force, is stronger than the material force. It is the creative power that underpins all manifestations in 3-D reality. This is confirmed by science. From quantum mechanics we know that everything is light energy and that matter takes on fixed form through our fixed convictions.


How can you make use of this in your own life and in running an organization? The wheel unfolds in time; it comes from the past, is in the present and goes to the future. The left turning formative force is connected with the future. The right turning expansive force is connected with the past. It is this that pushes the wheel forwards. Action is reaction. Cause and effect.


Science and our everyday life are based on this expansive force. We have learned that everything is a result of events in the past. The future is open, it is uncertain. Life is like a coin balancing on its side - it could go either way, but itís almost impossible to influence which way it falls. Itís certainly not possible if weíre talking about living systems and organizations. Dreams are delusions. Thatís what most of us think.





Deception? It would be if we were only focused on the expansive force. Then we are driven from the past into the future and everything is determined by what happened yesterday. However things are very different if we involve the formative force. This generative, creative force is connected with the future. By using this force we can co-create our future. At that moment our dreams become reality.


The fact that future goals influence events in the present isnít that strange. The future is always influencing our lives; if I have to give an important lecture in two days time then today I am already preparing for it. But how do you co-create your own future?



You can co-create your own future by directing your intention. In other words, by imagining a goal that you want to achieve and then affirming it. Affirming literally means securing. If you can clearly see your goal in your mindís eye and then go on to affirm it, is like throwing a rope into the future with an anchor attached to it. Every time you repeat the affirmation the rope gets stronger and the anchor becomes more fixed. Once the anchor is well and truly fixed the left turning formative force can reel in the rope. Thatís how things happen to you that you envisioned in the future. In this way, the Guardian of an organization or ecosystem pulls the wheel forward towards the goal that they imagined.





To summarize it we could say that the past pushes and the future pulls. The latter is related to an inner process. By directing your attention inside, you connect to the formative force in your wheel. The wheel really gets going once you connect to it from your heart. In that moment you are sending the whole thing positive attention or life energy.


With your intention, using your goal and imagination, you direct the energy. Thatís how you can get fate on your side. You create the future through your thoughts. With your wheel you go on a journey to experience how these dreams become reality. Mind Moves Matter!



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