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Energetic toolkit

An ECOintention Practitioner uses an energetic toolkit to connect organizations and ecosystems to good energy. Below you can read about some elements of this toolkit along with a few other ECOintention topics.
Tools in the energetic toolkit include for example: flower of life, shri-yantra, mandela, music, colors, crystals and Bach flower remedies. Each one has a specific energetic impact. An ECOintention Practitioner is familiar with these various impacts and applies them consciously. The ability to carry out an energetic balancing with heart and soul is critical for the result. The work should never feel routine but should always be a living ritual.





The energetic toolkit includes harmonizers that dissolve blockages and stress, for example the shri-yantra symbol. There are also transformers, such as the flower of life, which help the project to connect better to its own source of knowledge and experience. Informers, such as colors, music and Bach flower remedies, increase the self-organization. Grounders improve the grounding of the project. Petrified wood is a good example. Energizers increase the life energy. You can do that for example with positive attention, an orgone beamer or Reiki. The effect that each intervention has is tracked using energetic measurements.





The Golden Mean can be found in the physical form of plants, animals and people, in growth processes and in the cycles of the stock market, in an atom and in our solar system. This universal measure has been applied to building pyramids, Greek temples, pagodas and cathedrals. Leonardo da Vinci and other artists use the Golden Mean in their work to create harmony and beauty.


In nature everything develops rhythmically and with certain proportions. The Golden Mean plays an important role in that. It is the universal measure. ECOintention works with it. An ECOintention Practitioner balances with consciousness, commitment and care. Every balancing project is unique. It is carried out with the rhythm and measure that the project requires.





Crop circles have been appearing worldwide for more than forty years. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that most of them are not made by people. The complexity of crop circles is fascinating, the wealth of their various shapes inexhaustible. Every year new ones appear. The biggest in 2001 had 409 circles and was more than 200 m wide.


ECOintention works with the energy of crop circles. This energy is very pure and has a strong harmonizing and transforming effect. In the third year of the training participants choose their own crop circle. This is explored in a variety of ways. It takes two months to integrate crop circle energy into your own energy so that you can work with it.





Goethe’s metamorphosis of the plant and many energetic perceptions can be scientifically confirmed using projective geometry. This geometry describes the shapes and growth processes of plants. With the centripetal and centrifugal forces (blue and red respectively) there emerges a lemniscate formative force that works at different levels of the plant.


According to projective geometry a plant is made up of intersection points, lines and planes. An ECOintention Practitioner can perceive these energetically. These drawings come from the book “The plant between sun and earth” by Adams and Wicher, a standard work on projective geometry. The colored orbs are open intersections above the plant. These can be perceived energetically with your hands.





Many natural shapes like a cauliflower or fern are made up of repetitions of simple patterns, also known as fractals. The Frenchmen Mandelbrot discovered that fractals were the foundation of most shapes in nature. Using a computer you can simulate the growth of trees and the erosion of mountains with fractals. We can even create fractal landscapes that reflect nature.


Repeating a simple pattern can have a big effect. According to fractal science it’s possible that the beating of a butterfly’s wing could eventually create a storm. In the same way, repeating positive information at just the right time can eventually have an enormous positive impact. In this case quality is more important than quantity. ECOintention works with fractals.





By endlessly repeating simple patterns called fractals, complex images can emerge. These fractal flowers below were created by a computer. In nature simple foundational principles generally underpin complicated patterns and forms. This is also true for blockages and stress in an organization. The cause is often a simple event that through repetition became complicated and confusing.


There is no point in emphasizing blockages and stress. They just get tougher and bigger. ECOintention can reduce blockages and stress quickly at a large scale. The underlying pattern is brought to the surface. Once the Guardian has become aware of this core pattern, sustainable change can occur.





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