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ECOintention in 8 steps

Below you will find a short description of the different steps that an ECOintention project goes through. An ECOintention project varies from 7 to12 months depending on the size and complexity of the project. How long the energy stays at its ideal levels depends on the attention and intention of the Guardian..





After the first intake meeting the ECOintention Practitioner completes an energetic scan of the organization or ecosystem. This will reveal the vitality of the project, whether the Guardianís goals are achievable and how much time it will take to get the project aligned energetically. For this scan (and the balancing interventions later on) the ECOintention practitioner uses a map. Via the map they are able to establish an intuitive connection with the morphic field of the project. This field contains the projectís blueprint. This is also accessed during family and organizational constellations. The researcher Rupert Sheldrake describes morphic fields in his books. He provides a scientific explanation for family constellations and our ability to work energetically at a distance via a map. The scan takes place at three levels:



Concept level

This is the level where the vision, mission, resulting goals and the strategy of the organization are determined. It is from this level that the organization is lead. You can see this as the organizationís head where the thinking is based.


Realization level

This is the workplace or the operational level. This is the place of action and turnover. At this level words are turned into deeds. Here ideas are implemented and transformed into products and services. It is similar to the stomach. In an ecosystem itís the location where the life processes take place.


Middle level

This is the level where internal and external communication happen, the interaction inside the organization as well as with other organizations and its operating environment. It can be compared to the heart, to feeling. It is also about branding and public relations. Blockages or low-energy at this level can often lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding.


Graphics with the energetic data from the scan provide information about blockages, stress, healthy life energy and the self-organization of the project. The data is compared to the target values of a healthy and self-organizing organization or ecosystem. In this way the client gets an immediate insight into the state of the whole system. The scan also shows to what extent their goals can be achieved using
ECOintention. The next step is a proposal and an outline of the costs. Once agreement is reached with the client the balancing project can start.





Before the ECOintention Practitioner can test for a balancing, they shrink the project map and create a holon around it. A holon is an energetic resonance box. It is how the projectís healthy vibration can be optimized.





Using the holon and their intuition, the ECOintention Practitioner establishes contact with the project. They ďaskĒ the project what it needs to strengthen its own healthy vibration. Everything is energy and everything has its own unique vibration. The ECOintention Practitioner strengthens the unique vibration of the project using things that have a similar vibration. The Practitioner offers a number of different things from their energetic toolkit such as colors, crystals, music, mandalas, symbols, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy etc. In this way they can remove blockages, harmonize stress, add healthy life energy and increase the projectís self-organizing capacity.





A balancing consists of a number of steps that are carried out several times per week. Depending on the results of the latest scan, colors, mandalas, music, symbols, Bach flower remedies or other energetic interventions are used. The ECOintention Practitioner places each energetic item in a specific position on the holon. This takes a lot of practice and experience. This is how they connect the projectís energetic fields and the specific energetic intervention with each other. At that moment the transfer of energy and information takes place.


The ECOintention Practitioner improves the vitality of the project with their balancing. During the balancing the Guardian concentrates on their affirmations. In this way they give the energy direction. This unique collaboration improves the speed and quality of the developments.





Every 9 to 14 days the project is tested for new balancing with an energetic scan. The scan shows whether the energetic values are increasing and the project improving. The results of the new scan are presented in a chart and sent with a report to the Guardian. The ECOintention Coach visits the project every 4 to 6 weeks. A meeting to assess progress is held with the Guardian and energetic check-ups are
carried out. Where necessary the affirmations are amended and heavily stressed areas can receive healing on location. The Guardian is coached using the resonant leadership principles so that once the process is completed they can manage the energy themselves.




After 4 to 8 months the energetic target values of a healthy organization are reached. The time needed is dependent on the size and complexity of the project. This is the end of the balancing phase.



The stabilizing phase comes next. The energy of the project is maintained at the target levels. In this way all the parts of the project get the time they need to absorb and integrate the energy. A lot of changes can happen in the project during this phase. It is important that the ECOintention Practitioner stays in touch with the project and the Guardian.



After 3 to 6 months the stabilization phase moves into the continuation phase. The energy is now well anchored throughout the whole project. All elements are well aligned. The ECOintention Practitioner steps back and the client takes over full stewardship of the project. After a while they can request an energetic check-up scan. Where necessary some short balancing interventions can be carried out.


The clientís goals determine the ECOintention results. In most of the projects the goals are realized. Due to a broad diversity of goals many different results are achieved.


Results that have been achieved include:

  • Increasing assignments and revenue
  • Improved organization and collaboration
  • Higher profit and better results
  • More free time and inner relaxation for the Guardian
  • Healthier staff, animals, trees and plants
  • Better harvest and quality of product
  • Increased biodiversity

Deze resultaten zijn gebaseerd op mondelinge en schriftelijke mededelingen van de beheerders en projectverslagen van cursisten van het Center for ECOintention.



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