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The power of intention

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The power of intention

An organization and an ecosystem can be compared to an organism. It is a dynamic living whole that develops itself and is continually in interaction with its environment. ECOintention uses the metaphor of the wheel to describe the power of intention in this context.



Every organism, every organization and every natural area can be compared to a wheel. The wheel has a Guardian; you as the creative force in your life, or the leader of the organization, the manager, the director - in our language, the Guardian. The foundation for health and vitality is a harmonious balance between the Guardian and their wheel. In our world today this is often disturbed.


Organizations are breaking down, hyperventilating and/or getting stuck ECOintention restores the balance. It brings the Guardian back into the hub of their wheel and at the same time strengthens the vitality and self-organizing ability of the organization. The coherence and flow, the alignment between vision, policy and implementation, all increase.



In a well functioning organization the Guardian sits in the hub of the wheel. In the hub everything comes together. This is where you have the overview of the whole and hold the reins. You care about the work and have a feeling for what’s going on. Your most important job is to listen so that your colleagues feel heard and seen. Grounded in your inner peace you give your wheel attention and energy. Your wheel is given direction by you being clear about your goals and being convinced that you can achieve them. Subject matter expertise helps you to formulate realistic goals.


A good wheel is full of vitality and largely self-organizing. Your colleagues are in the right roles and know what they have to do. It is a coherent whole, based on teamwork; one plus one makes three. There is clear communication; a quick word is enough and problems are solved rapidly and easily. The organization is agile and reacts adequately to developments in the world and in the market. The future seems to be more with you than against you.





IIn the wheel two forces are at work. The most well-known one is the centrifugal force that pushes everything outwards. This force is based on physical-chemical energy and functions explosively. It is the masculine power (Yang) that is connected with reason. It is the physical force that functions in the outside world, in matter.


You connect with this force by directing your attention outside yourself into the material world





The other force is centripetal, pulling everything towards the center. This force uses life energy and is generative and vitalizing. It is the feminine force (Yin), connected with your intuition. This force functions in the inner world, in the world of your mind.


You connect with this force by directing your attention inside, to your feelings and thoughts





The wheel will reach its goal if the Guardian is in the hub and these two forces exist in dynamic balance.






In modern society your attention is continually being pulled outwards by the media and by events in the world. The emphasis is on growth and expansion. In that way you are more connected to the centrifugal action force than the centripetal formative force.


The result is that you end up on the outside of your wheel. You find yourself on the treadmill, where you lose sight of the whole, where you feel like you are being lived and where time flies. Eventually you lose your balance and get dizzy. Misunderstandings occur and progress falters. Instead of everything unfolding gracefully it all gets tangled up. Burn out! Wheels are disturbed in their balance by the increasing electro smog of mobile phones, Wi-Fi, digital television etc..




How do you bring your wheel back into balance? According to ancient Chinese wisdom the formative force is based on Ch’i, life energy, and is connected with our mental world, with mind and information. Formative force comes from the connection between life energy and information. You generate life energy by giving something attention. Information means directing that energy with your intention towards a specific goal.


In the wheel, the formative force is represented by a blue spiral that turns to the left. This is the cycle of creation in which thoughts and ideas condense into subtle and gross forms and connect with matter in the hub of the wheel. The invisible thought forms then take on a visible tangible form. A life form emerges
from the relationship between the formative force and matter. This life form grows and develops in the external world. This is where the expansive force dominates. In the wheel this is represented by the red spiral turning to the right.


What is important to remember however is “mind over matter” – the mind is more powerful than matter. The formative force is stronger than the material expansive force because the material form always emerges from the thought. Never the other way round!!





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