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> The Universe Loves a Happy Ending

> Scheppend leven

> In Resonance with Nature


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The Universe Loves a Happy Ending | Hans Andeweg



Release on April 5th 2016!




New Age & Spirituality / New Thought


Cutting-edge information about the interface of spirituality and ecology, and real-world examples of success in healing environments from a distance.


The Universe Loves a Happy Ending is a new work from Hans Andeweg, the author of In Resonance with Nature. The earlier book became the basis of an instrument-based eco-healing method. This book describes a revolutionary paradigm for energetic healing called ECOIntention, a technology free way of healing life- and ecosystems from a distance.

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Scheppend leven | Hans Andeweg




Scheppend leven is the Dutch version of The Universe Loves a Happy Ending


Hans Andeweg werd in 1994 door Michael Gorbatsjov, voormalig president van Rusland, uitgenodigd om het Russische Nisnesvirsky Reservaat te vitaliseren. Drie jaar werd aan het project gewerkt met verbluffend resultaat. Het bijzondere was dat de behandeling op afstand plaatsvond. Sindsdien leert Hans Andeweg mensen met deze methode natuurgebieden en bedrijven gezond te maken.

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In Resonance with Nature | Hans Andeweg




Nature is alive and we can communicate with it.


Starting from that assumption Hans Andeweg helps us to discover that we can influence our plants, garden, trees or woods using different techniques - colors, music, Reiki, homoeopathy and symbols, for example. He describes in detail the theory of resonance therapy. This is connected to the work of Rupert Sheldrake. Recent years have demonstrated that resonance therapy works..

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