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1 - ECOintention Power Cards

Set ECOintention Power cards in a beautiful gift box with inspiring one-liners from Hans Andeweg

12 Postcards That Do What They Say!

The special combination of Sacred Geometry, colors and symbols reinforces the message of the text. The positive energy charges you and your environment.

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2 - ECOintention Magic Marble

The ECOintention Magic Marble protects you against negative influences, recharges you and provides good grounding

Do you suffer from bad energy, stress from your environment or are you often tired? With this special ‘marble’ you feel good every moment.

The ECOintention Magic Marble resonates with an energy field developed by experts from Center for ECOintention. They are constantly updating this field with the latest frequencies to ground, protect and charge you with life energy.

So you never have to buy a new marble.

Hold the Magic Marble in your hand or wear it in your clothes. Take it with you and be your free, happy self everywhere!

Disclaimer: The ECOintention Magic Marble is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition.

Price per piece €12.99

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3 - ECOintention CD - Everything changes by Hans Andeweg

Swinging, melodic pop with rock, folk, big band, salsa, shanti and ballads. Hans Andeweg surprises with his voice, songs and music on Alles Changes

A refreshing, positive sound in times when Everything Changes with the summer hit En France. 13 swinging songs in Dutch, English, German and French with striking lyrics and unexpected twists.

Listen to En France on YouTube!

You can also listen to the album on Spotify, Tidal, YouTube and 70 other streaming services.

Price per CD €13,99

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4 - ECOintention Harmonizers

Stickers for your smartphone and electrical equipment to harmonize negative radiation

Do you suffer from insomnia, restlessness, stress, concentration problems and the like? You are most likely sensitive to electro-smog. This is electrical radiation from devices, transmitters, Wlan and other communication networks. With the ECOintention Harmonizers you will not be bothered by it.

  • The ECOintention Rainbow Harmonizer harmonizes the negative radiation of wireless equipment.
  • The ECOintention Blue Star Harmonizer has been developed for devices with a cord and plug.

Quick sticker and you can relax. Very handy and practical!

Here you will find a detailed product description with applications (pdf).

Also watch the YouTube video(s) with applications:

Price per sticker sheet €9.99

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Course materials are only available to students & Practitioners through the ECOintention Training learning environment.

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