Resonant Leadership program

  • Coaching trajectory with the Energy Balancing program
  • For business owners, boards, management, or CEOs
  • Resonant leadership toolkit for increasing effectiveness
  • Immediately applicable in daily practice

Resonant leadership toolkit for you
An Energy Balancing program proves to be most successful when you, as the executive owner, director, manager or CEO, actively support the program. You can do this with the power of your intentions, for example by visualizing or affirming your goals periodically. But we have more resonant leadership tools for you.

Easy to integrate into your daily work
When you are also energetically in control, you are considerably more effective. Energy is present everywhere in your company or organization. Handling energetic tools is not difficult. Anyone can learn it. You use your ability to concentrate, but also your imagination. Because things go faster and easier on an energetic level, you can easily integrate it into your daily work.

Three-level energetic scan




Vision, mission, objectives and strategy
(Concept level)

Internal and external communication, exchange, consultation and decision-making
(Contact level)

The operational level, the shop floor, action, turnover and results
(Realization level)

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