Energy Clearing program

  • Well-charged, vital life energy in your offices
  • More pleasant working climate
  • Short lead time, maintenance subscription
  • Day-to-day business operations remain undisturbed

From job satisfaction to business result
The energy management in your office building(s) or at your location(s) directly influences daily ins and outs. From job satisfaction and mutual cooperation, to customer satisfaction and business results. Just as a person needs to feel good in order to function, so must buildings and locations. We provide the well-charged, vital life energy that you and your company or organization need.

Energy management permanently up to standard
Within 4 to 6 weeks we bring the energy to the desired quality level. After that you have the option of a maintenance subscription. This means that we continue to maintain the level of energy management for you. In the meantime, we show you the state of affairs with the help of graphs. Our approach is simple and leaves your daily business operations undisturbed. Moreover, no complicated, visually disturbing or technical adjustments are required.

Do you benefit more from an in-depth approach with transformation effects at all levels of your organization? Then choose our Energy Balancing program.

Three-level energetic scan




Vision, mission, objectives and strategy
(Concept level)

Internal and external communication, exchange, consultation and decision-making
(Contact level)

The operational level, the shop floor, action, turnover and results
(Realization level)

Energy Balancing