Energy Balancing program

  • Energy Balancing program
  • Transformation effects to all levels
  • Phased approach, lead time 10-12 months
  • Interim reports
  • Guidance with intention management

Benefit from renewed flow
We optimize the life energy of your company or organization at all levels. Your own goals are the starting point. You reap the benefits at all levels, whether it concerns leadership, mutual cooperation, business processes, or reputation and image. Not only you, but also your employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders benefit from this renewed flow.

New future within reach
Step by step we build up new vitality, organizational strength, inspiration and realization capacity for your company or organization. With this, the old, systemic blockages and stress gradually disappear, bringing a new future within reach. We work remotely, from our own company. We periodically report on the interim results achieved.

The power of your intentions
An Energy Balancing program turns out to be most successful when you, as owner, director, manager or CEO, actively support the program. You can do this with the power of your intentions, for example by visualizing or affirming your goals periodically. In this intention management, you will receive practical support from us, including during the periodic visits we make to your company or organization. During such a visit we also check the energy on site.

This Energy Balancing program is more in-depth and has a more sustainable effect than our Energy Clearing program. Do you only want a pleasant, well-charged working environment? Then choose the Energy Clearing program. The Energy Balancing program not only improves the working environment, but also offers your company or organization the right conditions to focus on the future.

We base our Energy Balancing program on a recently performed Energy Scan.

Three-level energetic scan




Vision, mission, objectives and strategy
(Concept level)

Internal and external communication, exchange, consultation and decision-making
(Contact level)

The operational level, the shop floor, action, turnover and results
(Realization level)

Resonant Leadership