Energetic Guardianship program

  • Energy management learning path for boards, management team, board of directors, teams or employees
  • In-company, small group. Lead time 4 months
  • Interactive mix of theory and practical exercises

Even more effective energy management
You can make energy management in your company or organization even more effective if you involve more people. This facilitates the management of your organization at all levels. And you increase the chance that your company or organization will be successful in exploiting its potential and achieving the set goals.

Staying energetically good in your own skin
We teach you and your employees the basic principles of energy management in well-arranged modules. You will learn how to energetically charge meetings and other meetings. How you and your employees can stay energetically healthy, even in tense or stressful times. How the energy of your office or location can be kept clean. No prior knowledge or experience is required for this learning program. Anyone can learn it.

Three-level energetic scan




Vision, mission, objectives and strategy
(Concept level)

Internal and external communication, exchange, consultation and decision-making
(Contact level)

The operational level, the shop floor, action, turnover and results
(Realization level)

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