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'We make nature and your company smile!'

In a vital and healthy organization, where there is sufficient life energy, business goals are realized and people work with satisfaction and inspiration. There is coherence; a cohesive, fruitful and meaningful whole that makes its unique contribution to the world….

  • SME’s
  • Education & Education Centers
  • Cultural & recreational Institutions
  • Nature & estate management
  • Agricultural & horticultural companies
  • Livestock farming
  • Tree & plant cultivation
  • Events & collaboration
  • Your company or organization!

Our services for companies & nature reserves

The organization in balance - good energy in the tent

With ECOintention you can give your organization a lot of energy. This process starts with an intake interview, after which a certified ECOintention Practitioner makes a scan of the organization. The energetic scan provides information about the energy in the company. ‘How vital is your organization? Is there a healthy flow? Is there stress? Are there blockages due to old patterns? Can employees solve problems themselves? The scan also shows to what extent goals can be achieved and changes can be made sustainable.

Natural areas in balance - healthy trees, animals & people

ECOintention helps nature and agriculture to adapt more quickly to the current climate change. The ECOintention method was first developed for the vitalization of forests and nature reserves. After that, we worked a lot with farmers who saw the yield of their agricultural lands and the health of their livestock improve. The vitalization trajectory of nature and land is the same as the trajectory of organizations. This starts with an intake interview, after which a certified ECOintention Practitioner makes a scan of the company or area. The energetic scan provides information about the energy of the nature reserve and the organization that manages it.


Tailor-made transformation programs

  • Managing life energy and intentions
  • Creating flow for daily processes

Clearing blockages and exploiting potential
We offer transformation programs aimed at real, sustainable change. For companies and organizations that want to use their full potential and remove blockages from the past. Our approach revolves around the practical management of life energy and intentions. This is how we help create flow.

The missing link for change
Any desired change must be supported on three levels in daily reality. The management of tasks and affairs is usually thought of. There is also an increasing eye for mutual communication, cooperation and team building. But the third level always turns out to be the missing link: managing life energy and intentions.

The flow you want
With our programs we deliver exactly the right energy. We coach you, as CEO, board, board and management how to direct this life energy towards your goals with the help of intentions. The combination of energy and intentions creates the desired flow for your daily business and organizational processes.

Our customers report clear improvements, including in:

  • Self-confidence and relaxation in leaders
  • Achieving organizational goals
  • Internal and external communication
  • Employee health

Three-level energetic scan




Vision, mission, objectives and strategy
(Concept level)

Internal and external communication, exchange, consultation and decision-making
(Contact level)

The operational level, the shop floor, action, turnover and results
(Realization level)

Organization and nature in flow in three phases

Improving the energy in your company or nature reserve takes place in three phases. We start with the balancing phase. This is where the energy is restored. This phase lasts 4 to 8 months. This is followed by the stabilization phase of 3 to 6 months in which the energy flows optimally in all parts of the organization. Clients often notice in this phase that peace has returned to the organization.

After the stabilization phase, the energy is firmly anchored. The fruits can be picked. All energetic values are graphed and summarized monthly so that you can follow the entire process. As a client, you will be coached throughout the entire process. You learn how your organization functions energetically, how you manage the energy and give direction with your intention. Resolving stagnation in the company and old patterns with you are important parts.

If you wish, you can continue with the continuation phase in which you energetically charge the organization and give it direction. Center for ECOintention lets go of the project and keeps an eye on things on request.

The power of ECOintention

ECOintention is unique. There is no other method that coaches the client and at the same time brings healthy energy and flow back into the entire organization. This integrated way of working improves well-being and communication and increases output. Awareness and change processes are faster and more sustainable.

An energetic scan of your organization

After an initial intake interview, we will make an energetic scan of your organization in consultation with you. It is created on three levels:

Concept level

The level at which the vision, mission, objectives and strategy are established. The organization is managed from this level. You can see this as the head, where the mind resides.

ECOintention Conceptniveau3

Level of realization

This is the shop floor, the operational level. The place of action and ‘turnover’. At this level, action is followed by word. This is where the ideas are implemented and turned into products or services. You can think of this as the abdomen and limbs.

ECOintention Realisatieniveau

Intermediate level

The level at which internal and external communication takes place; exchange, consultation and decision-making. Also the level of corporate image and PR. Blockages or low energy at this level lead to ‘curmunication’ or misunderstandings. You can think of this as the heart and the breath.

ECOintention Middenniveau3

The energetic scan provides information about the life energy in your company. Is there healthy, flowing life energy, or are there blockages or stress? In addition, the scan indicates how great the problem-solving capacity of your company is and the degree of self-organization. Finally, whether your company is founded and whether you yourself are in the pivot of your wheel.

The values found are compared with the values of a vital and self-organizing company. The scan also shows to what extent your objectives can be achieved.

The trajectory

With this scan you can decide whether you want to follow a balancing and guidance process, in order to get your company on target. That is around 4 to 8 months. This is followed by a stabilization phase of 3 to 6 months. Finally, the continuation phase follows. The energy is then firmly anchored in the balancing project and you as guardian take over again. All values are graphed and summarized monthly so you can follow the entire process.

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