ECOintention projects livestock farming from 2002-present

ECOintention livestock farming projects

Livestock farming

“We’re all going crazy. Do we really enjoy milking so many (cows)?…”

Falling (milk) prices, still (continue to) invest in healthy livestock, sustainability, whether or not to increase scale, nature management? A livestock farmer in the 21st century has many issues to deal with. This is not easy at a time when society has a low value on basic necessities of life.

More fun and motivation?
Do you have doubts about scaling up? Can you still ‘catch’ your company? Is a lot of money and effort required to keep your animals healthy? Would you like to: be more flexible with regard to developments in the market, be more resistant to setbacks and work with more pleasure and motivation?

Also against cell towers
ECOintention increases the resilience of your company. Healthy energy in the company means healthy livestock, lower veterinary costs, less loss and therefore a higher return. ECOintention makes you less receptive to the issues of the day so that you can better stick to your own ideals and work more sustainably. Many animals are sensitive to environmental radiation (transmitter towers) or earth rays/water veins. This affects their health. ECOintention can reduce this burden.


  • Organic Dynamic Cheese Farm – Noorderlicht


  • Dairy Farm – Piet en Monique Bongers


  • Organic goat farming and cheese dairy – De Kruidenwei
  • Dairy Farm and Cheese Factory – Van Winden van der Lely


  • Multifunctional farm – Goat farm ‘t Geertje


  • Biodynamic livestock farm – Mts Stoffelsma


  • Biologically dynamic livestock farm – Schoonderbeek Farm


  • Organic dairy farming – Bennekom


  • Association de Natuurweide for organic dairy farmers


  • Organic dairy farm – Mts TS Stokkers-Tieberink
  • Farm – `t Geertje
  • Equestrian Center – Muiderberg
  • Dairy farm – Farm ‘t Eendje
  • Dairy farm – Hendriks
  • Dairy farm – Mts Engwerda and Keurentjes
  • Dairy Farm – Van den Broek
  • Pig farm – Beers


  • Organically Dynamic Livestock Farm, Ireland – Shalvanstown Organic
  • Farm – Maasland


  • Organic dairy farm and care farm – De Bontekoe
  • Organic dairy goat and care farm – Groot Windenberg
  • Organic Dairy Farming – Greater Ehrental
  • Cheese farm – De Polderzoom
  • Dairy farm – Harm Janssens
  • Dairy Farm – Mts Wagenvoort-Lichtenberg
  • Dairy farm and camping – Company of the Roddenhof family
  • Pig farming and tree nursery – Van Iersel BV


  • Organically dynamic goat farm – De Ridammerhoeve
  • Organic Dairy Farm – Mts Boons
  • Organic Pig Farm, Meat Processing & Shop – Sumiran
  • Mixed biological dynamic company – De Wolfskuil
  • Dairy Farm – De Schnauwert
  • Dairy farm – De Veldhoeve
  • Cattle farm – Huisra


  • Organic dairy farm – Van den Hurk
  • Organic cattle farming – Van Kemenade
  • Dairy farm – Mts van der Wijst
  • Animal Husbandry – Berns
  • Fattening pig farm – Mts Welles-Mercus


  • Organic livestock farming with sales – Veld en Beek Nature Farm

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