ECOintention Practice Module Online

ECOintention Practice Module Online 08-12-2021

Everyone with a warm interest in perceiving and improving life energy is welcome!

Make music with plants,
Balance yourself with colors,
Practice Qigong and heal with a flower Mandala,
Create your own labyrinth and find your answers,

Join the Online ECOintention Practice Module

Join the Online ECOintention Practice Module. The workshops will be a special experience! Feel and sense energy via your computer screen of yourself, of objects, in your home and in faraway places, alone and with other participants. It is very easy!

During the ECOintention Practice Module you learn to perceive and to improve life energy. You meet people from all over the world, and join two workshops with max. 6 participants. Be surprised by the online possibilities!

And we know…. a 4.5 hour online meeting sounds long, but there are breaks and we’ll make sure that you’re in a good, positive energy all the time. Our goal is, that you have more energy afterwards than you did at the beginning.

Everyone with a warm interest in energetic observations is welcome! We expect you to have some experience with meditation and/or mindfulness techniques, and to have a good internet connection. We work with Zoom.

In all workshops you will be guided by a 4th year ECOintention student. Hans Andeweg, founder of Center for ECOintention, hosts this Zoom meeting. Please indicate your preference for three of the workshops below. You’ll join two.

1. BALANCE YOURSELF WITH COLORS. Colors have a strong healing effect. Which color gives you energy and which ensures inner balance? Is it one color or a combination? There are primary and complementary colors. Do they enhance each other? Resonate with colors, experience it for yourself.

2. FIND YOURS ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN LABYRINTH. The labyrinth symbolizes the life journey of man towards his higher goal. Learn how to make your own labyrinth and then travel through it meditatively to find the answers to the questions that move you.

3. MAKE MUSIC WITH PLANTS. Listen to the PlantsPlayer and hear the music of plants. This device translates their electrical impulse into sounds and tones. Can you hear the character of a plant in the sound it makes? Experience how you can communicate with the plant from a distance and thus make different music sound.

4. HEAL YOURSELF WITH YOUR FLOWER MANDALA! Draw your unique chakra flower mandala, feel which colors resonate with your basic needs in the petals and let your flower shine with your core color in the middle. Then connect with your flower and experience a deep, healing effect.

5. GET YOUR ENERGY FLOWING WITH QIGONG. Don’t like sitting still behind your computer screen? Get up, do Qigong exercises and let your energy flow. Use the power of your intention afterwards. Be amazed, when you make the fingers of one hand grow a little. You also learn to restore their size.

Wednesday, Dec 8th, 2021 from 13.30-18.00 o’clock = 1:30 PM – 6:00 PM Amsterdam Time (CET). From 1:00 PM you are welcome in the Zoom waiting room. Download Zoom for free at

The Online ECOintention Practice Workhops cost € 69. There is room for 30 participants. You may cancel up to one week in advance, after which you will be charged the full amount. Your registration is final when you have received the confirmation. This will be sent Friday 03.12.21 at the latest.

We are looking forward to meet you in an ECOintention Workshop!

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