Open afternoon
April 2022

Meet ECOintention! Come to an ECOintention Open afternoon!

Sunday 3 April in Hippodrome near Oisterwijk
Sunday 10 April at Zonheuvel Estate near Doorn
From 13.00-16.30 hours

Discover what ECOintention can do for you.

  • Listen to an ECOintention lecture and ask your questions.
  • Observe energy, do dowsing, take a guided meditation.
  • Hear more about the basic course and the training. View the course location.
  • Meet Hans Andeweg, Natascha van den Ban and Marion de Vries; the teachers of Center for ECOintention.

Do you have questions? Contact Nelly Kempe on T 0641840555 or email her at

A warm welcome!

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See also our Energy Management Course – Learn to Work with Life Energy flyer, below:

Energy management course - Learn to work with life energy - ECOintention I Basic course 2022

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