Lecture Hans Andeweg

Better operating result with positive energy

Improve the energy of your company with and without technical means

Tuesday 22 March from 13.00-15.00 pm at the Kerkhoeve – Organic dairy farming and care farm
De Heikant 10a – 5268 KP Helvoirt. http://www.duinboeren.nl/leden/de-kerkhoeve/

Better business results? Do you want inspiration for innovation? Adapt faster to climate change and cold political winds? It is possible with more positive energy in your company! Healthy soil is the foundation, but positive energy is the foundation. This means that your soil is drought resistant for longer and your crops and animals can do more with fewer nutrients. Discover the negative influence of earth rays, water veins and transmitters. Hear how you can improve the positive energy of your company with and without technical means, on a small and large scale.

The lecture is at the Kerkhoeve. A practical example, because it was put in its energy in 2021 by ECOintention students. An ECOintention basic Energy Management course with Hans Andeweg will start on April 20 at Hippodrome in Oisterwijk.

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About Hans Andeweg

ir. Hans Andeweg (MSc) is a biologist and one of the founders of Center for ECOintention. ECOintention brings positive energy and flow back to companies and nature. It links modern science with ancient wisdom into a practical method. ECOintention is applied internationally. There is vocational training for ECOintention Practitioner and university studies for Master of Science in ECOintention.

The motto of ECOintention is: ‘You cannot make the grass grow faster by pulling on it, but by thinking about it’. The books are based on the books ‘ In resonance with nature ‘ and ‘ The Universe Loves a Happy Ending ‘ by Hans Andeweg.

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Lezing Hans Andeweg
Hear the lecture by Hans Andeweg. Better operating result with positive energy