Workshops ECOintention

  • Brief introduction to energy management and ECOintention
  • Inspiring, energetically balanced venues
  • Opportunity to meet four-year vocational training students and ECOintention Practitioners

We recommend our workshops for a short, often playful introduction to life energy and the ECOintention course. They cover many topics, such as

  • energy and core qualities,
  • the energy of geometric shapes,
  • the commuting of energetic values,
  • energy and mandalas,
  • handling the dowsing rod,
  • the energy of chakras,
  • energy and homeopathy,
  • the energetic working of the labyrinth,
  • the energetic effect of crystals.

Practice days

The workshops are given by students from the fourth year or ECOintention Practitioners. This usually happens on the ECOintention practice days. In addition to interested parties from outside, also course participants, students at the ECOintention vocational training, and ECOintention Practitioners participate. This also provides the opportunity to meet students and graduates. The practice days are held as much as possible at inspiring locations, whose energy has been balanced by ECOintention in the past. Online practice days (Online Practice Modules) are also organised.

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