ECOintention online

  • Learning to work with life energy through digital courses and training
  • Same quality online as on location
  • Inspiring and stimulating lessons
  • Handy, to follow from home

Working online is becoming increasingly important in our current existence. That is why the ECOintention courses and vocational training can also be followed online. With the same quality as education on location. We also manage to evoke the atmosphere of the familiar course room in our online modules, in which every student receives attention and can come into their own.

ECOintention global

Our online courses and vocational training have participants from all over the world, which can be interesting and enriching. Being in your own space makes it easy to relax and concentrate. You can listen, talk and ask questions, while the teacher and other participants can be heard and seen through the screen.

Perceiving and working with energy are not bound to place. You can also easily observe the soil appearance or energetic blockages of places and spaces via the screen. Our online meetings last four hours, including a break. You will not be tired after a meeting, because ECOintention classes are inspiring, stimulating and full of positive energy. You will also learn how to protect yourself against the electrosmog from your equipment.

A good internet connection, microphone and webcam are important for participation.

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