Scheppend leven

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Scheppend leven - Hans Andeweg

Mikhail Gorbachev and the Niznesvirsky Reserve

The Russian Niznesvirsky Reserve is located on the coast of Lake Ladogo, two hundred kilometers north of Saint Petersburg. It is a beautiful nature reserve with extensive forests, interspersed with lakes and swamps. There are moose and wolves, and according to the Russians also bears, but I have never seen them. I did see the large flocks of migratory birds, which use the reserve as an intermediate station on their long journeys from the far north to the warm south.

I first came there in June 1994, accompanied by a few colleagues from the German Institute for Resonance Therapy, my employer at the time. Our visit had a special reason. It was at the invitation of Mikhail Gorbachev. He had let it be known through his foundation that he wanted a large Russian nature reserve to be treated energetically. We were allowed to find out where.

Siberia beckoned, because of its primal power, but it was difficult to get such an ‘alternative’ project off the ground there. In the end it became the easily accessible Niznesvirsky Reserve. There were problems with vitality and organization; we also had the feeling that there were a number of earth acupuncture points in this spot, which were important not only for the reserve, but for everything in the far area. That last argument also appealed to Gorbachev.

The first contact had been in the spring. One day I found a fax from Moscow on my desk asking for information about our method of healing forests remotely with energy. We faxed back some information material and shortly afterwards the green light came. I was amazed at the quick response and that a man like Gorbachev had no qualms about the idea that a large Russian nature reserve of 40,000 hectares, from Germany, would be treated via a small map. In this way, very briefly, you can send life energy and information to all parts of the reserve.

Gut feeling

Life energy and information together give a formative force. This formative force is a constructive, centripetal force that enhances the health and vitality of plants, trees, animals and all other organisms. You can think of it as the feminine yin power. It can be explained how you work with this formative force and how you send energy via a floor plan. To a large extent it can even be explained with the help of new scientific discoveries and theories. Most importantly, anyone can learn to do this themselves.

Interestingly, many people – and often those at the top level – don’t need an explanation, explanation, or book to reach a decision. Apart from the fact that they generally don’t have time to read books, a ‘half word’ is enough for them. So is Gorbachev. People like him rely on their feelings and intuition. They feel, know, that something is right and good. A politician calls that instinct. A businessman calls it gut feeling.

Whatever your preference, intellect or intuition, mind or feeling, there is one thing that counts for everyone: results. Your story or your method may be as beautiful and inspiring, but in the end the existing situation has to be improved. For that reason, we brought Czech scientists along, who, together with Russian researchers, would measure the effect of the treatment on the forest according to the method commonly used in Europe. In addition, they knew the country, spoke the language and acted as interpreters.

Everyone fought with everyone

During the first visit, the reserve and the staff made a desolate impression. The rangers, guards and investigators hadn’t been paid for months. Money for petrol and diesel was also lacking. Large parts of the area were therefore inaccessible for the jeep and the boat. It was known that there was heavy poaching. In the forest it was also ‘poverty trump’. Walking among the dense spruce trees, we literally and figuratively stumbled upon a battlefield; everywhere we saw old foxholes and collapsed trenches, here and there covered with corroded barbed wire. Scattered among the trees were parts of what had once been a truck or a tank. The mood was heavy and depressed. Even sinister.

“Everyone has fought with everyone here,” said Vasili, one of our guides. “First the Finns with the Russians, then the Russians with the Germans, and finally the Germans with the Finns.” When I wanted to take a look at one of the trenches, he said, ‘Go ahead. You do not have to be scared. The landmines have already been cleared by the wolves and the moose.’ He and the other Russians kept their distance as I inspected this war scar. Afterwards, they told me that they didn’t dare come close to the trenches because of the ghostly atmosphere.

During lunch we learned that there were two old monasteries in the north of the reserve. They had been built there a few hundred years earlier in honor of Alexander Svirsky. This special man had lived there until his death in a small hut. Many people had come to him for inspiration and healing. Healing powers were attributed to the well next to his hut. Later the Vatican declared him a saint. We were immediately excited when we heard this story. Here could be one of the important earth acupuncture points we were looking for.

Many sacred sites, such as churches and monasteries, are located on these points. This is where several earth energy channels often converge. They are similar to the meridians from acupuncture on our body. They transport life energy, ch’i according to the Chinese. There is thus a strong bundling of terrestrial and cosmic energies at such a point. It is therefore called a power point.

In the afternoon we drove with the last diesel to the monasteries, where the next disappointment awaited us. They lay abandoned and dilapidated. Little was left of the former splendor. One monastery was hardly more than a ruin, but in the other there was still some activity. It turned out that this part was used by the Russians as a psychiatric facility.

“Stalin started it,” Vasili said. “He put his prisoners in this monastery. During the German occupation it was a concentration camp and now it is a psychiatric institution.’ We reacted shocked. On the one hand we were almost certain that we had found a special power point, but on the other hand it had been ‘raped’ as it were by all events in the past. Instead of radiating positivity and wholeness, it now radiated negativity and tear. We knew that the energy channels radiated this information to the wider environment.

It works

The energetic treatment of the Niznesvirsky Reserve started in the summer of 1994 and lasted until the fall of 1997. Every day energy and information was sent to the area via the map from Germany. That had a big effect. Most of the problems in the area were solved. It started with financing. This wish of the Russians was fulfilled in the spring of 1995. Management was unexpectedly informed that the Niznesvirsky Reserve was the first reserve in Russia to receive a grant from the World Wildlife Fund. The money was for salaries, new equipment, such as a jeep, and developing ecotourism.

When I revisited the area in June 1995, I already found a very different condition; the faces were happier and there was activity everywhere. Among other things, a new barrack was built for the guests. I jumped a hole in the air! The old shelter had windows, but no glass. That meant that every morning I came out of my sleeping bag purple from mosquito bites. This time at last an undisturbed night’s sleep. I was curious if the Russians noticed anything from our treatments. Of course I thought it was fantastic that there was more money, but it never occurred to me to attribute that to the treatment. Before I could ask anything, Vasili and researcher Marina smiled at me and said, “Hans, it works.”

“What works?” I asked surprised.’ Your treatment. All those dark and nasty energies in the forest are gone. We dare to walk past the trenches again and even into them. We also feel much better in the whole area.”

I was stunned. In the first instance about the effect, but secondly about the fact that they could observe it so well. They weren’t the only ones. The next day I gave a workshop to familiarize the reserve staff with sensing the radiance of trees. Before my Czech interpreter translated an exercise from English into Russian, the Russians had already performed it. I had never experienced anything like this. I was a bit taken aback, because I got through my material so quickly. This is much to the amusement of my hosts.

The hour of truth

A few months later they gave me a second chance. In the middle of the night there was a loud banging on my bedroom door. Vasili burst in with the map of the reserve in his hand. I heard his confused story, sleepily, as he gestured furiously outside. Through the window I saw a red glow on the horizon. Fire! The reserve was on fire! Vasili pointed to the map and I understood that I had to indicate where the seat of the fire was. In a flash I saw his dilemma. There were only a few roads through the forest. The wrong way would be a fatal loss of time. The fire continued to spread and was unstoppable.

My hour of truth in Russia had come. Pffffff … I concentrated on the seat of the fire and then relaxed as best I could. My hand moved across the map. I felt a gentle tingling in my palm, which suddenly became very strong over a stretch of forest to the northwest. Yes, there it was, there was the fire! I looked at Vasili and the other Russians, who were now crammed around me in the small bedroom.

They got the message. A raucous cry rang out and they rushed into the dark night. I quickly put on my clothes. Ready to go. I hadn’t seen such a big fire since my time with the Boy Scouts. But no, women and foreign guests were not supposed to go on such an adventure. Unfortunately.

The next morning the men returned. Dirty, black and stinking of smoke. They were dead tired but satisfied, and they were radiant. I had pointed to the right place. They had arrived just in time to stop the fire. One after the other hugged me gratefully. A little while later I was also dirty and black and I smelled like smoke for a while. But it was delicious and something couldn’t go wrong between us.

Remote Treatment Results

At the end of 1995, scientists from the Czech and Russian research institutes noted a 10% improvement in the vitality of the trees throughout the reserve. We were on the right track and confidence grew. The people in the Niznesvirsky Reserve started to enjoy the energetic treatment more and more because of the good results. They said teasingly: ‘If your treatment really works, it would be nice if the monasteries were renovated.’ I could only say that wishes often come true if you focus on them and you and those around you are well energised. Formulate a clear goal. Imagine it. You can pray for it if you want.

In early 1996, their wish became reality. A generous, still unknown, donor gave money for the renovation of the monasteries. A short time later, it was also buzzing with activity and the monastery rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Everyone was deeply moved. The money was literally experienced as a gift from heaven.

In 1997 the project stopped. The reserve had since developed into one of the best in Russia. The woods were beautiful. There were new barracks with a flaunting jeep next to them. The development of ecotourism allowed it to stand on its own two feet financially. In the fall we said goodbye to each other. Everyone was emotional, but the Russians couldn’t help but tease again: ‘Hans, if it really works, the sacred bones of Alexander Svirsky must now return to the monastery.’

These most holy relics had disappeared from the monastery when Stalin started using them for other purposes. Everyone thought they had been thrown out by some vandals. No one expected a return. I could do nothing but point out again the power of their imagination. Wish the bones come back. Picture this. Ask for it. Pray if that appeals to you.

A few months later I got an email from Marina. It just said, “They found the bones.” I could not believe my eyes. Afterwards I learned that Alexander Svirsky’s bones had been hidden for years in Saint Petersburg in anticipation of better times. They were returned to their original spot with much interest. On the same day, in the presence of the local population, the monastery was rededicated. It was a big party.

Resonance Therapy

I often think of the Niznesvirsky Reserve. It is an unforgettable experience when the energy changes in 40,000 ha of forest. The trees are growing better, the mood is brightening, everyone is feeling better. Fortunately, I did not experience that alone. The Russians agreed. The scientific research confirmed it. But there was more. The increase in energy in the reserve not only had a positive effect on the health of the trees, but also on the organization and the flow of money. There were also positive changes in the environment, such as with the monasteries. That was new.

Our treatments had always been focused on the health of the forest. Now there were ‘side effects’. Deep wishes and goals of the guardians were fulfilled. Of course you could say that was a coincidence. On the other hand, it was a miraculous coincidence. At the end of 1997, for the first time, the thought occurred to me that ‘coincidence’ may not exist, but that we ourselves determine what happens to us. The future is malleable and what comes to us, falls to us. In turn, this can be good or bad.

The Niznesvirsky Reserve was for me the last, and largest, of a long line of successful resonance therapy projects. I had spent ten years developing this method to heal forests on a large scale and remotely. We started with potted plants. Finally, we worked throughout Europe in forests, country estates and on large English estates. For the treatment we used so-called radionic devices.

These devices are about the size of a cigar box. They usually consist of a detector plate and various buttons with which number combinations can be set. The most modern versions often have a small computer attached with healing software. Results occurred almost everywhere! Many of these were measured by international scientific institutes and universities. Our website contains an overview of the implemented projects and a summary of the results.

In resonance with nature

Still, something didn’t feel right to me. We worked on the principle: you pay and we do the job. I increasingly experienced it as a shortcoming that the person who has a sick forest and is responsible for it, does not heal that forest itself. The Russians had also said that when they said goodbye. They were pleased with the results, but regretted that they hadn’t been able to harness the power of the sanctuary themselves. Also, many clients, including the Russians, found the resonance therapy through the use of devices a specialist far-from-my-bed show, which they understood nothing about and which was also a bit scary.

For that reason I left the Institute for Resonance Therapy in 1998 and wrote the book In resonance with nature. This describes how everyone can observe, interpret and improve the energy in their home, garden, company and forest. You do not need expensive devices for this, but you use your intuition and your own energetic home pharmacy with, for example, homeopathic remedies, colours, music and a few symbols. You can use it locally or remotely.


The book was followed by courses in 1999 and an ECOintention Practitioner training a few years later. At the same time, we started to apply this simplified energetic method, in which no device is used, ourselves. This is how the ECOintention arose. Eco or oeco comes from the Greek oikos, which means ‘place of residence’. In ECOintention, ECO means residence in the broadest sense, namely that of living, living or working environment. This includes any eco or business system. After all, there are many places where plants and animals live and where people live and work. Ultimately, the Earth is the home of all of us.

Because this residence is not static, but a dynamic living whole that develops, we use the metaphor of the wheel. With this you can better clarify the interplay of forces that we have to deal with in daily life. Every whole, every company, every nature reserve, every organization and every organism, including your own life, can be compared to a wheel on its way to its destination. The wheel has a driver, you, as the creative force of your life or the manager, the board of a company, but also a project leader or a steward. In our terms: the guardian.

‘Manage’, according to Kramer’s dictionary, means ‘to lead’ and ‘to take care of’. An guardian therefore has masculine, managerial, and feminine, nurturing qualities. The foundation for health and vitality is a harmonious balance between the guardian and his wheel. ECOintention is a method to restore this balance. It brings the guardian back into the pivot, while at the same time amplifying the constructive, vitalizing power of his wheel. This constructive force is the same as the previously mentioned formative force.

ECOintention applies to the natural, ecological environment and to the man-made world in which the economic forces operate. Eligible areas are nature reserves and estates, production companies, service organizations, but also partnerships such as events, conferences and concerts. Basically anything you can describe as an eco-, business system, organization or organism.

The effect of ECOintention is visible and measurable in more vital, healthier forests and nature reserves, often with increasing biodiversity. For organizations, it results in higher returns, more free time, happier staff and better financial results. Sustainable change processes and reorganisations within complex organizations are also established in a relatively short time.

Fundamentals of energy management

Balancing large complex natural areas and companies is only possible if this is done consciously, with inspiration and in a controlled manner. ECOintention is a profession. The book In resonance with nature is the basis. Energetic perceptions and intuitive development are important parts of the ECOintention. After having worked with more than a thousand adults in recent years, I am convinced that everyone can learn to make large companies or natural areas healthy again from a distance. Of course one has more talent than the other, but practice makes perfect and where there is a will there is a way. That is hopeful in a world in which more and more natural and cultural balances are teetering.

In the first year of the four-year training, the participants learn the energetic ‘handiwork’ with the help of In resonance with nature. In the second year they balance their own home or business and in the third and fourth year the ecosystems and business systems of others. There are generally many problems in these student projects and in our own projects. However, the method is so effective that most projects are up and running again within a year.

In these cases, the ECOintention is comparable to a garage that repairs a broken car. After that, the guardian can continue the journey to his destination. The ECOintention Practitioner’s role therefore ends when the car is moving again, the ship has been pulled smoothly and the train is on the rails. After that, the guardian must maintain the power play in his wheel himself. Of course, as an ECOintention Practitioner, you can give the project a ten-thousand-kilometre service after a while, but the responsibility for energy management lies with the driver or owner.

However, it appears that many guardians do not feel the need to be able to tinker with their car energetically. They prefer to leave the balancing of their company via the floor plan to someone else. They only want to know the essentials to keep the energy up and to give their wheel direction.

The ECOintention is already a simplification of the resonance therapy, but because of this need of the guardians it became clear to me that it had to be even simpler, one step further and even more back to the energetic basis.

The question was thus: What is the essence of the formative power? What are the main parts? How can everyone crank up this formative power with their own consciousness without any aid, so also without an energetic home pharmacy? In short, what is the easiest way to improve your own health and that of those around you, let the luck be better and get to your destination in a smooth and prosperous way? In other words: What are the basics of energy management?

Personal questions

In 2009 Felix Erkelens of Uitgeverij Juwelenschip proposed to republish ‘In resonance with nature’. I was delighted, because the book was only available via the Internet. A number of new insights from ECOintention and the fundamentals of energy management would be added to the new, updated edition. I got to work, but suddenly all kinds of things happened in 2009 that made me doubt the meaning of my work with resonance therapy and ECOintention.

Some basic principles were known to me at the time and I applied them successfully in my daily life. That’s how I imagined the goals I wanted to achieve. I reinforced these with the help of positive thoughts, so-called affirmations. I had often experienced the strong effect of this, but now suddenly the opposite happened; instead of realizing my goals, all sorts of setbacks crossed my path. Why did this happen?

I did my work with great pleasure and with the best intentions, but that too was against me; the emotions regularly ran high and our balanced whole cracked at the seams. I did not understand. Here too I asked: Why?

The question was therefore not only: What is the essence of the power of form?, but also: Why do certain basic principles often work and sometimes not? What is the reason for the setbacks on my way? Am I on the right track? Where is my life actually going? What is the essence of my life?

These were questions of an entirely different order and of a much more personal nature. How do I create my life? Does everything just happen or do we create the events that happen to us ourselves? Does the past push us aimlessly into the future or is the future ‘makeable’? The future falls. Is everything coincidental? Everyone knows setbacks, but can you also consciously let the coincidence go in the direction you wish yourself?

Besides, everyone is busy these days. Me too. Who still has time for themselves? I normally work at least six days a week. I enjoy that work, but I have even more fun when I sing and make music. Very little had happened in recent years. Who does not wish for a sea of time with relaxation and fun? But how do you make free time, when time flies and constantly slips through your fingers? What is time anyway?

The relationship with the big picture

Unexpectedly, I was inundated by a large number of probing questions. I also did this energetic work in 2009 for twenty years. Much had been achieved in that time. We worked in several countries, in large projects, had good results and satisfied guardians, but our method could be applied on a much larger scale. I saw the world getting more and more out of balance. The natural balance was lost, both in the ecological and economic systems.

Global warming and climate change are a fact. Many systems struggle to adapt to this. The Mayan calendar also tells us that major time cycles will come to an end on 12.20.2012. That would involve major transformations on this planet. Whatever the reason, it is true that the world is changing at lightning speed. ECOintention can increase the self-organization and adaptability of many systems on a large scale. In 2009 there were already more than seventy graduated ECOintention Practitioners. They were eager to get started. Oil spills, coral reefs, catastrophic areas: it could all be part of our field of activity.

Why didn’t that happen? Wasn’t the time ripe for it yet? Twenty years of working on something is a long time. How long? How’s it going? How do I proceed? What is my destination? What was the deeper meaning of this materialistic development on Earth anyway? If you start from the Mayan calendar, every era has a reason, a meaning. Did the instantaneous condition on Earth make sense? Was this meant to be, was this premeditated? Was this, more or less, agreed work? That would put everything in a completely different light. Also our work with the ECOintention.

Scheppend leven

The question about the basics of energy management and the personal questions mentioned above were the guiding principles in writing this book. I (temporarily) let go of the update with the latest insights from ECOintention and its application in business. That will be the next book. This book is the record of a quest that I didn’t know how it would end when I started it.

Scheppend leven has literally arisen between the companies; If I had some time I would work on it. I let it go when there was other work to be done. Step by step, to my surprise, the puzzle pieces fell into place. All my questions were answered and a coherent whole was created, which is in line with ECOintention, with the latest developments in science and with my life path. That’s how my search and this book got a happy ending.

The practical result is the basics of energy management. These are not only useful within the ECOintention, but also applicable in everyone’s life. I describe these fundamentals in the fourteenth and final chapter of this book.

A number of topics from In resonance with nature are discussed again, including Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field theory, the Huna image of man and projective geometry. I gave them the attention that was needed in the context of this story. There are many new topics and you could write a book about each on its own. Unfortunately, there is not enough space and time for this. I have therefore tried to summarize them as best as possible. It was a matter of deliberation, because more explanation makes the subject more comprehensible, but at the same time extends the line of the argument, with the risk of wordiness. The golden mean, as always, was the best. Nevertheless, I hope that I have done justice to every subject and every author.

Scheppend leven is not a scientific book. It is a well-documented travel report in which I have tried to substantiate all my steps as well as possible. I have therefore looked for connections with ancient wisdom traditions and theories from science. The symbol and metaphor of the wheel has been a great resource along the way. The wheel is central to this book. The common thread of the book is the trail of the wheel, which runs between the lines.

Thank you

The content of Scheppend leven has for the most part originated during our courses and training to become ECOintention Practitioner. The questions of the participants about the ECOintention and my answers to them form the basis of this book. Often I heard myself telling things that were new to me too. This again prompted thinking and the search for explanations and connections.

For example, the metaphor of the wheel has been known to me for many years. The wheel and the forces within it are regularly discussed in our lessons. Because of the questions I received about it, my insight into, among other things, the interplay of forces and the relationship with time has grown over the years. I usually immediately shared new ideas, connections and insights in the next lesson. This allowed me to practice articulating everything clearly. If that was not the case, I immediately received feedback or new questions came up, which re-ignited my thinking process.

I would therefore like to sincerely thank all people who have followed a course or training with us in recent years for their presence, comments and comments, constructive criticism, mirroring my unprocessed past and especially for their interested questions. I have learned a lot from and through you!

Special thanks go to Felix Erkelens for his initiative that prompted the writing of this book.

Most of the thanks go to Rijk Bols and Karina Hoed, not only for reading and improving the manuscript, but especially for their guidance, support and love on the way to my destination.

Scheppend Leven - Hans Andeweg

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