Scheppend leven - Hans Andeweg

Hans Andeweg was invited in 1994 by Michael Gorbachev, former president of Russia, to revitalize Russia’s Nisnesvirsky Reserve. The project was worked on for three years with astonishing results. The special thing was that the treatment took place remotely. Since then, Hans Andeweg has been teaching people how to make nature reserves and companies healthy using this method.

To be able to work sustainably in this way, a number of basic principles are essential. One is that everything is energy and everything is connected to everything. But what does that mean for our daily lives, our connection with our fellow man, our work and the earth as a whole?

‘Scheppend leven’ provides answers to these questions and takes us on a quest for spiritual laws that help to live in accordance with our true nature and our planet.

‘Scheppend leven’ is revolutionary, because it connects (quantum) science with universal spiritual laws and provides practical tools to apply this on a daily basis.

‘Scheppend leven’ describes the basic principles of energetic management. These show the connection between energy, information, time, space, love and consciousness. With these principles everyone can energetically charge and give direction to the whole that they have under their care.

‘Scheppend leven’ is for guardians, managers and leaders on a small and large scale. A book for anyone who recognizes the importance of caring for their environment and life at all levels.

ir. Hans Andeweg previously wrote ‘In resonance with nature’, which laid the foundation for ECOintention. This energetic method improves the vitality of nature reserves and remote companies. The Center for ECOintention, founded by Rijk Bols and Hans Andeweg, provides four-year vocational training and revitalizes more than two hundred projects in the Netherlands and abroad every year.

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Scheppend Leven - Hans Andeweg

The Universe Loves A Happy Ending - Hans Andeweg

(This book is an abridged, edited translation of ‘Scheppend leven’ by Hans Andeweg)


New Age & Spirituality / New Thought

Cutting-edge information about the interface of spirituality and ecology, and real-world examples of success in healing environments from a distance.

The Universe Loves a Happy Ending is a new work from Hans Andeweg, the author of In Resonance with Nature. The earlier book became the basis of an instrument-based eco-healing method. This book describes a revolutionary paradigm for energetic healing called ECOIntention, a technologyfree way of healing life- and ecosystems from a distance.

Using his own journey of discovery as a backdrop, the author carefully guides us through a complex intertwining of quantum mechanics, zero point energy, near death experiences, compassion, forgiveness, the Mayan calendar and ancient wisdom from China and Hawaii. Gradually, we emerge into the light of the coherent theory of energetic healing that is ECOintention.

The first principle behind this work is that everything is energy and that everything is connected to everything else. But what does that mean for us personally—in our daily life, in our connections with our fellow humans and our work, and with Earth as a whole?

The Universe Loves a Happy Ending answers these questions. It shows how the emerging connections between (quantum) science and universal spiritual laws give us new tools for working with life energy and consciousness and influencing events.

The Universe Loves a Happy Ending summarizes the practical applications of this work in ten Principles of Energetic Guardianship. For all those who act as custodians or guardians of life, be they managers or leaders, community activist or private individuals, operating on a small or a large scale, these principles show us how to energetically charge, support and guide the life-systems and ecosystems that are in our care.

Accessibly written, with numerous color illustrations, The Universe Loves a Happy Ending is an important book for anyone who acknowledges the importance of caring for the planet, the environment and life at every level.

“”Eco’ comes from the Greek word oikos, meaning house or home. Earth is, in the end, everyone’s home, and the concept of guardianship married with the tools of energetic training empowers each of us to take an active role in caring for the planet.” — FROM THE BOOK

Biologist and co-founder of the Center for ECOintention in Germany, Hans Andeweg has studied nature, quantum science and spiritual wisdom traditions for over twenty years, evolving the principles of ECOintention, leading training and consulting with governments and organizations. The Center for ECOintention works on over one hundred projects a year in Europe.

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The Universe Loves A Happy Ending - Hans Andeweg

In resonance with nature - Hans Andeweg

Nature is animated and we can communicate with it.

From that point of view, Hans Andeweg lets you discover in this book that we can influence our house plants, garden, trees or forest with different techniques. Colors, music, Reiki, homeopathic remedies and symbols are discussed. He elaborates on the theory of resonance therapy. This is related to the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake. In recent years, resonance therapy has proven to be an effective method.

Hans Andeweg gives numerous practical exercises and advice to learn to recognize and assess the appearance of plants. As a next step, he teaches you how to energetically treat plants, gardens and forests yourself, making them noticeably and measurably healthier and more vital. Anyone who has ‘green fingers’ already applies these techniques unconsciously!

In Resonance with Nature is a fascinating piece of ‘new science’, but also a very practical book for anyone who wants to deal with plants with more feeling and with more success.

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In resonance with nature - Hans Andeweg

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