Basic course (Foundation)

ECOintention I Basic course

  • Learn to perceive and improve life energy
  • Practically oriented, learning by doing
  • Good theoretical underpinning
  • Opportunity to progress to the four-year ECOintention vocational training

Balancing energy

When you have completed the ECOintention basic course you can:

  • Observing life energy, for example from trees, plants and spaces.
  • Determine what needs to be done to improve this energy.
  • Bringing the life energy up to standard with various aids.

Good theoretical underpinning

The lessons are regularly practiced, often outside in nature. But there is also a solid theoretical foundation. The books ‘Creating Life’, ‘The Universe loves a Happy Ending’ and ‘In Resonance with Nature’ by Hans Andeweg are the basis for this.

Positive energy starts with you

Managing your own energy is crucial. That’s why you learn to:

  • to give yourself good grounding,
  • shield yourself from negative energy,
  • to know your own sensitivity,
  • to balance your own energy.

Moving on to the ECOintention vocational training

You can follow this basic course as a stand-alone course, but you can also continue on to the second year of the four-year vocational training to become an ECOintention Practitioner.

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