Training ECOintention

ECOintention: training, courses and workshops

● Ancient wisdom connected with modern science
● Practical learning to work with life energy, learning by doing
● Good theoretical foundation
● Education and course with experienced teachers

ECOintention: a trade to learn

ECOintention, in which energy management is central, is a trade that you can learn. And for that you have come to the right place. We learn to perceive and balance your life energy in a four-year vocational training course, but also in shorter programs. Both in Dutch and English. Online and on location. With experienced teachers such as Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols.

Life energy is everywhere

Everything consists of life energy, also called chi, prana or zero point energy. You need that life energy to be vital. And to be able to achieve what you set out to do. The right energy, the right flow, the right changes. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Most places – like your home, practice, or office – take energy instead of giving it. That negative energy is often caused by energetic stress and
blockages. This can be improved with ECOintention.

Intuition meets reason

In our training, courses and workshops you will learn how to perceive and improve your life energy. And how you can apply this to yourself, your home, garden or work. But also how you can help others with it. In projects, companies, organisations, agricultural or nature areas. Practical, according to the principle of learning by doing. And theoretically well founded. Here intuition and reason meet.

More quality

Our offer is intended for everyone who wants more quality and positive energy in life, relationships, health and work. And who also grants that to others. ECOintention has a strong connection to the well-being of our planet and extensive experience when it comes to improving nature and the environment. Most programs do not require any prior knowledge or experience. Anyone can master the ECOintention course.

Experienced teachers

Our team consists of experienced specialist teachers, including Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols. All our teachers have years of experience in developing, transferring and practicing ECOintention. This practice-oriented course connects ancient wisdom with modern science. Our education and courses are included in the Central Register of Short Vocational Education (CRKBO) by the government and are exempt from VAT.

ECOintention CRKBO Registered Training

Lessons online and on location

We provide our training and courses both online and on location. Our on-site education is held in an inspiring, wooded environment with plenty of opportunities to go outside and make energetic observations. We also have a lot of experience with online education. Our students and course participants quickly learn to perceive energy via the screen during the online modules, for example in each other’s house. They also learn to work on a screen in an energetically healthy way and to neutralize electrosmog. This is important as online working is becoming more widespread throughout society. In our online education we know how to create the atmosphere of a safe course space, in which every participant comes into their own.

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