Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

ECOintention Practitioner courses and training

Complaints from the student will be treated confidentially by the Center for ECOintention. The agreement is governed by Dutch law, unless the law of another country is applicable under mandatory law.

Step 1: publicize your dissatisfaction/complaint
Complaints usually arise from a mutual misunderstanding or communication that has not gone well. Therefore, make the complaint known to the person concerned by the complaint (lecturer, project supervisor, administrative employee, etc.). You try to discuss your complaint with the person or persons directly involved and to find a solution. It is part of our organizational culture that complaints are taken seriously and you are therefore entitled to a serious and careful handling of your complaint.

Step 2: formal complaint
However, it is possible that, in your opinion, your complaint has not provided a solution or has provided too little solution. In that case, you must submit an official complaint in writing to one of the directors of the Center for ECOintention, Mr. H. Andeweg or Ms. R. Bols (see address below). You state:

– Name
– Address and telephone number where you can be reached during the day
– A clear description of the complaint, the date on which the fact to which your complaint relates (if applicable) occurred and any supporting documents.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 5 working days. The director will then apply the principle of adversarial procedure and finally reach a verdict. You will receive a written response to your complaint within 14 days of the confirmation of receipt. During the treatment you may be invited by the management for an interview. If a longer period of time is required to handle your complaint carefully, you will also be informed within 14 days
asked. In that case, it will be indicated when you will receive the response.

Step 3: appeal
If the answer or the proposed solution is unsatisfactory for you, you can appeal to the board of the Foundation for ECOintention. You must substantiate the appeal as clearly as possible. You must also provide the notice of appeal with a copy of all documents relating to your complaint and its handling up to this step. You will receive a response from the board within 8 weeks of receipt of your notice of appeal. Before reaching a decision, the board may decide to consult an external expert. When announcing its opinion, the board will point out an external appeal option: appeal in the second instance.

Step 4: appeal in second instance (external)
After the appeal to the board of the Foundation for ECOintention, it is possible that you are still not satisfied. In that case, it is possible to appeal to the external complaints committee. Depending on the nature of the complaint and the content of your notice of appeal, it will deal with your appeal and issue a decision that is binding on all parties.

Ms Willemijn Visser ‘t Hooft is chaired by the external complaints committee. In mutual consultation and after approval of both parties, 2 additional external committee members are elected. The complaints committee will make a decision no later than two months after it has received the complaint and will inform you, the board of the Foundation for ECOintention and the Center for ECOintention. The decision is binding on Center for ECOintention. Complaints are registered by Center for ECOintention and stored for 5 years.

Center for ECOintention
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Foundation for ECOintention
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Chairman external complaints committee
Mrs Willemijn Visser ‘t Hooft
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