The method

The ECOintention method

  • Effective with global, but also smaller systems
  • Tried and tested for decades
  • Resonating Leadership

With ECOintention, we improve the life energy of systems – such as homes and families, businesses and organizations, projects, farms and natural areas. We do that with equal love in both smaller and large, or even global systems. Good energy is important for achieving flow, for example in tasks and business, relationships and collaboration. This is especially important in view of today’s challenges.

Energy parameters

With ECOintention we map the energy of systems. We do this on the basis of various energetic parameters. This is how we use parameters for

  • vitality,
  • self-organizing ability,
  • inspiration,
  • the potential to realize ideas,
  • energetic stress and blockages.

Target values

We express these parameters in numbers. Just as a person is healthy at a certain body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc., there are also healthy energetic values for systems. We are working towards these target values step by step.

Energetic Toolkit

Systems are constantly exchanging energy and information. With ECOintention we bring the system of an organization or nature reserve into contact with the right, healing energy and information. We do this with both our intuition and our knowledge. We have an extensive energetic toolkit at our disposal that have been used successfully for decades. This includes: homeopathy, gold, silver, bronze, the flower of life, mandalas, colors and geometric symbols.

Observing, interpreting and improving energy

ECOintention Practitioners can perceive, interpret and improve life energy. They know how the energetic toolkit works, so that they can deploy the right tools at the right time. No special abilities are required to acquire this knowledge and skills. Anyone who is open to it can learn it.

Resonating Leadership

At ECOintention an interesting role is reserved for the client. We ask them to formulate a set of objectives that they want to achieve with the balancing program. These intentions are indispensable information for the system. It is up to the client to reconfirm them regularly. This can be done by periodically performing affirmations or visualizations. This aspect of resonant leadership is fun to do and has proven to be extremely effective. We provide support through our coaching.

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