The method in detail

What is ECOintention?

The ECOintention method in detail

ECOintention is the observation, interpretation and improvement of (life) energy in organizations and natural areas. It is a method to bring back healthy energy and flow in organizations and natural areas. Center for ECOintention has been successfully applying this method in numerous projects for over twenty-five years. ECOintention is a profession that you can learn in the four-year ECOintention Practitioner training.

Perceive energy

Everything has an appearance; a person, an animal, a tree, a soil and crop. A building also has an appearance. In humans we call this radiation the aura. The size of the appearance is a measure of health and vitality. In a building, the appearance influences the living and working climate and the health of everything. The radiation is a result of the amount of life energy in an organism or building.

All ancient cultures had a name for life energy: Ch’i, prana, mana, ki etc. According to the ancient Chinese, Ch’i is the universal life energy that permeates everything in creation. This energy is everywhere. It is the energy of a thousand names. All matter animate or inanimate is composed of and permeated by Ch’i.

Modern science confirms this ancient knowledge. Quantum mechanics has discovered that the atom consists of 99.999999999999% empty space. It is filled with life energy. Science calls it zero point energy. The matter, the remaining 0.00000000001%, turns out not to consist of solid particles but also of energy. Everything is energy and energy radiates.

Everyone can perceive radiation and life energy. This does not require any special ability. The only condition is that you are inwardly relaxed. There are many ways to do this; sitting down, breathing exercises, meditation, etc. ECOintention uses relaxation exercises from Intuitive Development.

You can perceive life energy and radiance with your hands, a dowsing rod or a pendulum. You can also feel it in your body and in the atmosphere of a building or place. Center for ECOintention has developed a method that makes energetic observations of different people comparable and verifiable. This one is based on Huna, ancient Hawaiian wisdom.

'Imagination is more important than knowledge' Albert Einstein

Interpreting energy

In addition to the usual measurements, energetic observations provide a deeper insight into the state of affairs in a company or forest. Due to their fine-grained character, energetic changes, for example a decreasing soil appearance, always precede biological changes. At an energetic level, what is wrong in an organization can be observed at a much earlier stage. Energetic blockages lower production and cause misunderstandings on the work floor. Good energy creates conditions and creates windfalls.

Center for ECOintention has developed energetic scales and parameters with which the health and vitality of organizations and natural areas are assessed. There are energetic values for the amount of life energy, blockages, stress, grounding and self-organization. These values are displayed in graphs. In this way they can be compared with the target values of a healthy company and the development of an ECOintention project can be followed.

Existing scales are also used, such as the Bovis scale to assess vitality. It was developed by the Frenchman André Bovis. At the beginning of the last century, he and his research team commuted the vitality of food on behalf of the French government.

An atom consists of 99.99999999% empty space

Improve energy

ECOintention is unique. There is no other method that brings healthy energy and flow back into the organization and at the same time coaches the client. This integrated way of working makes awareness and change processes faster and more sustainable. Improving energy goes in three phases:

  • Balancing phase : This is where the energy is brought back up to standard. All energetic values are displayed in graphs so that you can follow the entire process.
  • Stabilization phase : The energy flows optimally in the organization. In this phase, clients often notice that calm is returning to the organization.
  • Continuation phase : The energy is firmly anchored. The fruits can be picked. In this phase we withdraw and you take over the energetic management completely.

Everything is energy and has a unique vibration. ECOintention amplifies the project’s natural vibration with comparable ‘vibrating’ means. This is the principle of resonance. Each agent has a specific effect. One increases energy, the other dissolves blockages, etc. An ECOintention Practitioner knows this effect and applies it ‘consciously, inspired, controlled’. Resources we use include positive attention, colors, music, sacred geometry and mandalas.


As a client, you will be coached throughout the entire process. You learn how your organization functions energetically, how you manage the energy and give direction with your intention. Resolving stagnation in the company and old patterns in yourself are important parts. This is called resonant leadership. It is based on the fundamentals of energy management.

Fundamentals of energy management are

  • Inner peace – You can only work with energy when you are relaxed inside
  • Consciousness of the Whole – You can only charge something energetically if you limit it inside
  • Feeling for what lives in the whole – By giving this space, positive attention, you charge it energetically
  • Sense of business – Before directing the energy, formulate realistic goals
  • Affirming & Visualizing Goals – You focus your intent on these goals and imagine they have been accomplished
  • Transforming the burdened past – What is pulling from the past and standing in the way of your dream being fulfilled?

The power of intention

The power of intention

An organization and a nature reserve can be compared to an organism. It is a dynamic living whole that develops and constantly interacts with its environment. ECOintention uses the metaphor of the wheel to describe the power of intention in this whole.

The wheel and its guardian

Every organism, every company and nature reserve can be compared to a wheel. This wheel has a driver; you, as the creative force of your life or the business leader, the manager, the director of a company. In our terms, the guardian. The foundation for health and vitality is a harmonious balance between the guardian and his wheel. In our present time this is often disturbed. Organizations chaotize, hyperventilate and/or get stuck.

ECOintention restores this balance. It brings the guardian back to the pivot of his wheel and at the same time strengthens the vitality and self-organization of the company. The coherence and flow, the mutual coordination of vision, policy and implementation are increasing.

A well-functioning whole

In a well-functioning company, the guardian is at the center of the wheel. All the lines come together in the spindle. Here you have an overview of the whole and the strings in your hands. You have a heart for the business and a feeling for what is going on. Your most important task is to listen, so that your employees feel heard and seen. From inner peace you give your wheel attention and energy. The wheel gets direction because you have your goal(s) clearly in mind and you are convinced that you can achieve them. Understanding helps you to formulate the goals realistically.

This wheel is vital and highly self-organizing. Your employees are in the right place and know what to do. It is a coherent whole, based on teamwork; one and one is three. There is clear communication; half a word is enough and problems are solved quickly and easily. The company is flexible and responds adequately to developments in the outside world and the market. The future is more favorable than disappointing.

ECOintention Een goed draaiend geheel

Forces in the wheel 1/2

Two forces act in the wheel. The best known is the centrifugal force that throws everything out. Think of a centrifuge. This force is based on physico-chemical energy and has an explosive effect. It is the male decisiveness (Yang) that is connected with the mind. It is the physical force that works in the outer world, in matter (Matter).

You connect with it by turning your attention outward to the material world.

Forces in the wheel 2/2

The other is the centripetal force that pulls everything toward the center. This power uses life energy and has a constructive, vitalizing effect. It is the female formative force (Yin), connected with your intuition. This power works in the inner world, in the world of the mind (Mind). It’s a mental power.

You connect with it by directing your attention inwardly to your emotional and thought life.

The wheel achieves its goal when the guardian is at the center of his wheel and these two forces are in dynamic balance.

ECOintention - Het wiel bereikt zijn doel als de beheerder in de spil van zijn wiel zit en deze twee krachten in een dynamische balans zijn.

Development stalls

In modern society, your attention is constantly drawn out by media and world events. The emphasis is on growth and expansion. You are thus more connected with the centrifugal force of action than with the centripetal force of form.

As a result, you end up on the outside of your wheel. There you are on the treadmill, you have lost the overview, you are lived and time flies. Eventually you’ll get over your head and keep spinning. Misunderstandings arise and the progress process stalls. Instead of everything developing, it gets complicated. Burnout! The wheel is getting even further out of balance due to the increasing electrosmog from mobile phones, WiFi, digital television, etc.

Mind over matter

How do you rebalance your wheel? According to ancient Chinese knowledge, the formative power is based on Ch’i, life energy and connected with our thought world, with Mind: spirit and information. The formative power arises from the connection of life energy and information. You give life energy by paying attention to something. Information means that you direct that energy towards a goal with your intention.

In the wheel, this is represented by a blue, counterclockwise spiral. This is the creating cycle in which thoughts and ideas condense step by step from fine to coarse material and connect themselves in the pivot with matter: Matter. The invisible thought form then takes on a visible solid, tangible form. A (life) form arises from form power and matter. It grows and develops in the outside world. Here, decisiveness predominates. In the wheel, this is the red clockwise spiral.

However, ‘mind over matter’ applies, the spirit is stronger than the matter. The thought power is stronger than the material decisiveness because the form always arises from the thought. Never reversed!

From stagnation to flow

From stagnation to flow - From chaos to coherence

According to ancient Chinese knowledge, the power of form, the power of thought, is stronger than the material power. This is the creative force that underlies all phenomena in reality. Natural science confirms this. We know from quantum mechanics that everything is life energy and that matter takes on solid form through our firm conviction. How do you use this in your own life and when managing an organization?

  • The wheel evolves over time; it comes from the past, is in the present and goes to the future.
  • The left-handed form force is linked to the future.
  • The right-turning decisiveness with the past. This pushes the wheel forward. Action is reaction. Cause and effect.

Physics and our daily lives are based on it. We have learned that everything is a result of past events. The future is open. This one is uncertain. Life is dime on its side; it may be better or worse, but how it falls can hardly be influenced. Certainly not when it comes to large associations and organizations. Dreams are lies. Most of us believe that.

Creating your future

But is that so? If we only assume decisiveness, yes. Then we are pushed from the past into the future and everything is determined by what happened yesterday. However, things change when we include the power of shape. This creative, creating power is connected to the future. Using this power, we can create our future ourselves. That’s when dreams become reality.

It is not surprising that goals that lie in the future cause events in the present. The future constantly influences our lives; if I have to give an important lecture in two days, I am already preparing today. But how do you create your own future?

By directing your intention

You create your own future by directing your intention. In other words; by imagining and affirming a goal you want to achieve. Affirm literally means to affirm. When you have your goal clearly in mind and then affirm it, you are casting a line with an anchor forward into the future, as it were. With each repetition of the affirmation, this line is energized and the anchor is fixed more firmly. When the anchor is firmly secured, the counterclockwise forming force can coil the line. This is how you accrue what you have confirmed in the future. In this way, the guardian of an organization or nature reserve pulls the wheel forward towards the goal proposed by him.

ECOintention - Je toekomst scheppen

Mind Moves Matter

In summary, we can say that the past pushes and the future pulls. The latter is based on an inner process. By going inward with your attention, you connect with the formative power in your wheel. The wheel will spin if you wholeheartedly commit to it. At that moment you give positive attention or life energy to the whole. With your intention, so through your purpose and imagination, you direct that energy. That way you can create windfalls. You create your future in your mind. With your wheel you set off to experience how these dreams become reality. Mind Moves Matter!

Resonating Leadership

Resonating Leadership

Life energy creates conditions. Your goals and intentions give direction. ECOintention coaching is based on resonant leadership. You work in a focused way with attention and intention. In this way you put your organization into good energy and you realize your goals. To apply this effectively in every organization and nature reserve, ECOintention has developed the basic principles of energetic management. These use resonance.

What is resonance?

You are in resonance with something or someone when you are on the same wavelength. Then it clicks, then it flows, then you are in ‘flow’. It’s great to work together like this, because in that case you strengthen each other. Then one plus one equals three. You are not only on the same wavelength figuratively when you resonate, but also literally. Everything is energy, including matter, and energy vibrates. With each octave corresponds a stage of condensation of the finest energy into matter. You can call dust solidified vibration. Light is incredibly diluted sound.

ECOintention - Wat is resonantie?

Unique natural vibration

Every organism, every organization, every company and every forest has its own unique vibration. When a force acts on it, the vibration of which corresponds to the natural vibration, it is amplified by resonance. Take two equal tuning forks, strike one and extinguish it after a while; the tone will continue to sound because the unapplied tuning fork has been vibrated by resonance.

Based on resonance, you can achieve great effects with relatively little force. This has to do with timing. You can swing a swing to great heights by giving a small push at the right time. A gentle breeze can make a large suspension bridge ‘swing’ by blowing against it with a certain regularity. Disappointing results, stagnation, stress and low vitality arise when an organization is not connected to its own vibration. With the help of the basics of energetic management you can easily amplify the natural vibration.

ECOintention - Unieke eigentrilling

The business field

It starts with tuning in to the field of your company. The so-called business field. Family fields are used in Hellinger’s family constellations. There are also company constellations. These provide insight into the functioning of a company. The business field is a kind of memory or script that stores everything that happened in the past. It also includes troubleshooting scenarios and future plans. By attuning yourself to the business field from inner peace, you put your company’s energy well and strengthen the natural vibration.

ECOintention - Vormresonatie - Gelijkvormigheid

Attention and intention

How do you do that? You tune into the business field by imagining the business. You literally bring it to mind. The more your representation corresponds to reality, the better the resonance and the better the contact with the field. If you then wholeheartedly connect with this image, you give positive attention or life energy to the whole. You strengthen the natural vibration and put your company in its energy. Then you focus your intention on the goals you want to achieve. In this way you determine the course in which the company develops. Resonant leadership is therefore a combination of attention and intention.

ECOintention - Vormveld (Intentie = Informatie) + (Aandacht = Levensenegie) > Vormkracht


Fundamentals 1/6

Inner peace – You can only work with energy when you are relaxed inwardly.

Through inner peace, your brain waves slow down. You enter a relaxed state of consciousness. Your mind is put on the back burner and your intuition is activated. This is necessary for contact with the business field. Inner peace can be done in many ways; sitting down, breathing exercises, praying, meditation, etc. Everyone can do this in their own way. The time it takes to create inner peace is amply recouped by getting free time. Good energy in the company ensures coherence and synchronicity. Inside and outside coincide. You no longer have to follow the facts or put out fires everywhere. That way you save time.

Fundamentals 2/6

Consciousness of the WholeYou can only charge something energetically if you limit it.

Consciousness of the whole starts with defining boundaries. Such boundaries are, for example, the outer walls of your house, the fence around a field, the edge of the forest or the perimeter of the company site with the company buildings on it. You go inwardly along the borders in a bird’s eye view or you take a map and connect with it. If you ‘limit’ your organization or nature reserve in this way, you are connected to the business field through resonance. In this way you can not only give energy, but you also receive information about the condition of the whole and the various parts. You can interpret this intuitive information by listening to your gut feeling. Does it make you feel good or bad?

ECOintention - Bewustzijn van het geheel – Je kunt alleen iets energetisch opladen als je het begrenst.

Fundamentals 3/6

Feeling for what livesBy giving this demarcated whole positive attention you charge everything that is in it with life energy.

Feeling for what lives is equivalent to paying attention. That means being present in practice, regularly showing one’s face in the workplace and asking ”how are you?’ The feeling of ‘being heard’ provides confirmation and in many cases has a problem-solving effect. Attention is life energy. By paying attention you charge yourself completely energetically. Size doesn’t matter. You can charge energetically any whole that you can close in your heart and contain with your consciousness.

ECOintention - Gevoel voor wat leeft – Door dit afgebakende geheel positieve aandacht te geven laad je alles op wat er in is met levensenergie.

Fundamentals 4/6

Sense of business – Before you can direct energy, you need realistic goals.

Intellect and intuition, reason and feeling, complement each other. One cannot do without the other. The sometimes vague feeling for what is alive can be understood and explained with the intellect. Moreover, our common sense ‘grounds/confirms’ our consciousness in the matter and our common sense ensures that we formulate realistic goals. The mind outlines a step-by-step plan and shows whether the goal is feasible. Successfully working with life energy is therefore inextricably linked to craftsmanship and expertise.

ECOintention - Verstand van zaken – Voordat je richting aan energie kunt geven, heb je realistische doelen nodig.

Fundamentals 5/6

Affirming and Visualizing Goals – You focus your intent on these goals and imagine that they have been realized.

The future is ‘makeable’. What comes to you or what happens to you is largely in your control. Coincidence can be better or worse. How do you create windfalls? With your attention you charge the whole energetically. Your intention gives it direction. You focus your intention on a goal you want to achieve. You affirm this. Affirm means to confirm, to confirm. With an affirmation you are empowering something you would like to have or achieve. When your goal is clearly in mind and you affirm it, you are casting a line with an anchor forward into the future, as it were. With each repetition of the affirmation, this line is energized and the anchor is fixed more firmly. If the anchor is firmly secured, the forming force (=attention + intention) can roll up the line. In this way, what you have confirmed in the future will accrue, you create windfalls and you realize your goals.

ECOintention - Doelen affirmeren en visualiseren – Je richt je intentie op deze doelen en stelt je voor dat ze zijn gerealiseerd.

Fundamentals 6/6

Transforming Burdened Past – What’s pulling from the past and getting in the way of your dream coming true?

What you affirm in the future appears to resonate with unprocessed events from your past or from the company. Often you first experience these as setbacks before your dream becomes reality. ECOintention coaching helps you to become aware of this and to transform these old blockages. You can then ignore the setbacks and go straight to the windfalls.

ECOintention - Belast verleden transformeren – Wat trekt nog uit het verleden en staat de vervulling van je droom in de weg?

Energetic home pharmacy

Energetic home pharmacy 1/2

An ECOintention Practitioner uses an energetic home pharmacy to put companies and nature reserves in their best energy. Below are some parts of this home pharmacy, supplemented with other ECOintention topics.

Components of the energetic home pharmacy are, for example: flower of life, shri-yantra, mandala, music, colors, crystals and Bach remedies. Everything has a specific energetic effect. An ECOintention Pratitioner knows this effect and applies it consciously. However, carrying out the balancing with ‘heart and soul’ is decisive for the result. ECOintention is not a ‘cold’ but a ‘warm trick’. The work is never routine but always a living ritual.

Energetic home pharmacy 2/2

The energetic home pharmacy contains harmonizers that dissolve blockages and stress, for example the shri-yantra. There are transformers, such as the flower of life, that bring the project into closer contact with its own source of knowledge and experience. Informers, eg colours, music and Bach remedies, increase self-organization. Grounders improve the grounding of the project. Petrified wood is a good example. Energizers increase life energy. This can be done with positive attention, an orgone radiator or Reiki. The effect of each agent is monitored with measurements via energetic scales.

Golden ratio

The golden ratio is found in the body of plants, animals and man, in growth processes and the course of the stock market, in the atom and in the solar system. This universal rule was applied in the construction of pyramids, Greek temples, pagodas and cathedrals. Leonardo Da Vinci and other artists used the golden ratio in their work to create harmony and beauty.

In nature everything develops rhythmically and in certain proportions. The golden ratio plays an important role in this. It is the universal size. ECOintention makes use of this. An ECOintention Practitioner balances consciously, inspired and controlled. Every balancing is customised. This is matched to the project in the right proportion and in the right rhythm.

ECOintention - Gulden snede


The mathematician Fibonacci who lived from 1171 to 1240 is best known for the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence of numbers, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers, is a sequence of numbers in which the relationship between two or more consecutive terms can be expressed by a formula.

In the 19th century, the term Fibonacci sequence was coined by French mathematician Edouard Lucas and scientists began discovering such sequences in nature; for example, in the spirals of sunflower heads, in pine cones, in the regular lineage (genealogy) of the male bee, in the related logarithmic (equiangular) spiral in snail shells, in the arrangement of leaf buds on a stem, and in animal horns.

Crop circles

Crop circles have been around the world for over forty years. There is countless scientific evidence that most are not man-made. The complexity of crop circles is fascinating, their richness of shapes inexhaustible. New ones appear every year. The largest in 2001: 409 circles and over 200 m in size.

ECOintention uses crop circle energy. It is very pure and has a strong harmonizing and transforming effect. In the third year of the training, each student chooses his own crop circle. This is being investigated in various ways. It takes two months to internalize and integrate the crop circle energy before it can be used.

Projective Geometry

Goethe’s metamorphosis of the plant and many energetic observations are made mathematically ‘hard’ by projective geometry. This geometry describes shapes and growth processes of plants. A centripetal and centrifugal force (blue and red respectively) creates a lemniscate-forming force that acts on different levels in the plant.

According to projective geometry, a plant consists of intersections, lines and planes. An ECOintention Practitioner can perceive this energetically. These drawings are from the book ‘The plant between sun and earth’ by Adams and Wicher. A reference work on projective geometry. The colored bulbs are open intersections above the plant. These can be perceived energetically with the hands.

ECOintention - Projectieve meetkunde


Many natural shapes, such as a cauliflower or a fern, are repetitions of simple patterns, so-called fractals. The Frenchman Mandelbrot discovered that fractals underlie most shapes in nature. Clouds, coastlines, rivers and mountains, but also our lungs and blood vessels are fractal structures. In a computer, the growth of trees and the erosion of mountains can be simulated with fractals. We can even create true-to-life fractal landscapes.

Repeating a simple pattern can have a big effect. According to fractal mathematics, it is possible that a butterfly’s wing beat will eventually cause a storm. Conversely, repeating the right information at the right time can have a huge positive effect after some time. Quality is more important than quantity. ECOintention makes use of this.

fractal, light, light fractal-2040325.jpg

Fractal flowers

By endlessly repeating a simple pattern, a so-called fractal, complex figures can be created. These fractal flowers were created in the computer. In nature, simple basic principles usually underlie intricate patterns and shapes. This also applies to blockages and stress in an organization. The cause is often a simple event that has become complicated and obscure through repetition.

It makes no sense to emphasize blockages and stress. This will only make the knot harder and thicker. With the help of ECOintention, blockages and stress can be reduced quickly and on a large scale. This is how the basic pattern comes to the surface. As soon as the guardian has this ‘core picture’ in his consciousness, sustainable change can occur.

ECOintention in 8 steps

ECOintention in 8 steps

Below you will find a short description of the different steps that an ECOintention project goes through. An ECOintention trajectory varies from seven to twelve months, depending on the size and complexity of the project. How long the energy is maintained afterwards depends on the attention and intention of the guardian.

ECOintention - Vormresonatie - Gelijkvormigheid

1 - Energetic Scan

After the first intake interview, the ECOintention Practitioner makes an energetic scan of the company or nature reserve. This shows the vitality of the project, whether the goals of the guardian are feasible and in how much time the project can regain its energy. For the scan (and the subsequent balancing), the ECOintention Practitioner uses a floor plan. He makes intuitive contact with the morphic field of the project via the floor plan. This field contains the blueprint of the project. This is also used for family and business constellations. The researcher Rupert Sheldrake describes morphic fields in his books. In it he provides the scientific explanation for family constellations and working energetically with a map at a distance. The scan is on three levels:

Draft level

The level at which the vision, mission and resulting objectives and strategy of the company are established. The organization is managed from this level. You can see this as the head of the organization where thought resides.

ECOintention - Concept niveau

Realization level

This is the shop floor or the operational level. This is the place of doing, action and turnover. At this level, action is followed by word. This is where the ideas are implemented and turned into products. Similar to the abdomen. In a nature reserve, this is the place where the life processes take place.

ECOintention - Realisatie niveau

Middle level

The level at which internal and external communication takes place, ie both the exchange within the organization and with other organizations and the environment. Similar to the heart, the feeling. Also the level of corporate image and PR. Blockages or low energy at this level often lead to ”curmunication” or misunderstandings.

ECOintention - Midden niveau

2 - Conversation with the client

Graphs with the energetic values of the scan provide information about blockages, stress, healthy life energy and the self-organization of the project. The values found are compared with the target values of a healthy and self-organizing company or nature reserve. This gives the client immediate insight into the condition of its entirety. The scan also shows to what extent his goals can be achieved with the help of ECOintention. This is followed by a proposal with a cost estimate. After the green light from the client, the project will start.

ECOintention - Grafieken met de energetische waarden van de scan

3 - Making holon

Before the ECOintention Practitioner can test a balancing, he reduces the floor plan of the project and creates a holon around it. The holon is an energetic sound box. This allows the healthy natural vibration of the project to be optimally vibrated.

ECOintention - Holon maken

4 - Test Balancing

Through the holon and his intuition, the ECOintention Practitioner makes contact with the project. He ‘asks’ the project what it needs to strengthen the healthy natural vibration. Everything is energy and has a unique vibration. The ECOintention Practitioner amplifies the project’s own vibration with comparable ‘vibrating’ means. This is the principle of resonance. He therefore offers resources from his energetic home pharmacy such as colors, crystals, music, mandalas, symbols, Bach flowers, homeopathy, etc. With this he can clear blockages, harmonize stress, add healthy life energy and increase the self-organization of the project.

ECOintention - Balancering testen

5 - Balancing

The balancing consists of several steps that are performed several times a week. Depending on the tested balancing, colours, mandalas, music, symbols, Bach flower remedies or other energetic means are used. The ECOintention Practitioner places each resource in a specific position on the holon. This requires a lot of practice and experience. He thus connects the fields of the project and the resource. At that moment the transfer of energy and information takes place.

The ECOintention Practitioner improves the vitality of the project with its balancing. During the balancing, the guardian focuses on his affirmations. In this way he directs the energy. Due to this unique collaboration, the development of the whole is faster and better.

ECOintention - Balanceren

6 - Project management

A new balancing is tested regularly, every nine to fourteen days. This is always preceded by an energetic scan. The scan shows whether the energetic values are increasing and the project is improving. The results of the new scan are displayed in a graph and sent with a report to the guardian. Every four to six weeks the project is visited by the ECOintention coach. There are then progress discussions with the guardian and energetic checks on site. If necessary, the affirmations are adjusted and heavily loaded areas receive an on-site healing. The guardian is coached according to the principles of resonating leadership so that he can manage the energy himself after the process.

ECOintention Grafieken Projectbegeleiding

7 - ECOintention in 3 phases 1/3

To balance
After four to eight months, the energetic target values of a healthy company have been reached. The time for this depends on the size and complexity of the project. This is the end of the balancing phase.

ECOintention in 3 fasen 1/3 - Balanceren

7 - ECOintention in 3 phases 2/3

This is followed by the stabilization phase. The energy of the project is kept at target values. This gives all parts of the project time to absorb and integrate the energy. Many changes can still take place in the project during this phase. The ECOintention Practitioner therefore maintains good contact with the project and the guardian.

ECOintention in 3 fasen 2/3 - Stabiliseren

7 - ECOintention in 3 phases 3/3

After three to six months, the stabilization moves into the continuation phase. The energy is now firmly anchored throughout the project. All parts are in good running order. The ECOintention Practitioner withdraws and the client takes full charge of the project again. After some time, he can ask for an energetic check scan. If necessary, a few short balancings follow.

ECOintention in 3 fasen 3/3 - Continueren

8 - ECOintention results

The client’s objectives determine the results of ECOintention. The objectives are achieved in most projects. Due to the different objectives, there are also many different results.

Results achieved are:

  • Increase in orders and an increase in turnover
  • Better organization and collaboration in the company
  • Higher returns and better business results
  • More free time and inner peace with the guardian
  • Better health of staff, animals, trees and crops
  • Higher yield and better product quality
  • More biodiversity

These results are based on oral and written communications from the guardians and project reports from students of the Center for ECOintention.

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