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About us

Center for ECOintention optimizes the life energy of companies, organizations, homes, projects and nature reserves. And trains people to become ECOintention Practitioners. Anything that has good energy can flourish. Positive energy brings the right flow. ECOintention creates that flow.

For more than 25 years, Center for ECOintention has been an expert and practical center of expertise. Honest and open minded. Focused on vitality and wholeness.

We are a

  • Knowledge and expertise institute. We develop knowledge, to share it with others and to apply it in practice. We carry out ECOintention balancing programs on commission, especially for companies and organisations, agriculture and nature reserves.
  • Educational institution. We train people to become ECOintention Practitioners, so that they are able to work independently with life energy.
  • Centre. We have a coordinating and inspiring role in an extensive network of students, ECOintention Practitioners, project leaders, clients and other stakeholders.

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More quality

Our offer is intended for everyone who wants more quality and positive energy in life, relationships, health and work. And who also grants that to others. ECOintention has a strong connection to the well-being of our planet and extensive experience when it comes to improving nature and the environment. Most programs do not require any prior knowledge or experience. Anyone can master the ECOintention course.

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