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Courses & Trainings

At Center for ECOintention you can follow a variety of courses about perceiving, interpreting and enhancing the energy of organizations and ecosystems. Together they make up the four-year vocational training for ECOintention Practitioners. It’s up to you if you want to work towards the qualification or simply want to learn more about how energy and ECOintention works in your life and organization. After the fourth year you receive your ECOintention Practitioner diploma. This means that you are qualified to practice this profession. The starting point to everything we offer is experiential learning complemented by clear teaching content. Personal development is central to all of our courses.


Every year you decide if you want to continue. You can also take a year’s break. There are number of different locations where the in-person courses are given. If you miss a day you can catch up by taking it at one of the other locations. Group sizes are minimum 12 people and maximum 18. The ECOintention training is registered by the CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education) and meets the quality code for short vocational education. Read the experiences of trainees and graduates.







'Feeling energy' in the forest 'Sanny zoekt Geluk' x Happinez (Dutch)






Watch our film about the training (Dutch)






Overview course and training calendar

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Vocational training overview

1st year ECOintention Basics – Introductory course Energetic Guardianship
2nd year ECOintention Advanced I – Balancing your own house, garden, organization
3rd year ECOintention Advanced II – Balancing other people’s projects
4th year ECOintention Practitioner – Balancing complex organizations
Every year – ECOintention Practice Days


1st year ECOintention Basics – Introductory course energetic guardianship

Learn to perceive, interpret and enhance life energy. Would you like to live, work and relax in an environment that gives you energy? And at the same time contribute to a healthy Earth? It’s possible! Everyone has the ability to restore energetic balance in the world. In this course you learn how to do that on a small and large scale. The principles of energetic guardianship lay the foundation.
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2nd year ECOintention Advanced I – Balancing your own house, garden, organization

The focus is on deepening and applying what you learned in the first year. You become more familiar with how energy works. With that knowledge you create your own energetic toolkit, which you then apply to your project.

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3rd year ECOintention Advanced II – Balancing other people’s projects

You learn to coach someone using the principles of resonant leadership as you balance their project - an organization or piece of land. You balance two projects – one project on your own and another one with one of your fellow trainees.

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4th year ECOintention Practitioner – Balancing complex organizations

You improve your coaching and also learn how to balance events, like a festival or a conference. You organize and run practice days where you test what you have learned and pass it onto others.

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Annual ECOintention practice days

Every year, ECOintention practice days are organized. Trainees practice in small groups perceiving, interpreting and enhancing the life energy in plants, trees and organisations supervised by one of the fourth-year trainees. The practice days take place at locations that have been balanced with ECOintention. During the vocational training you attend one practice day per year. A practice day costs € 95,00.



Mind Moves Matter

ECOintention connects modern science and ancient wisdom in practical application. The starting point is Mind Moves Matter.


Underlying Theory


Principle Source
Everything is (life)energy Einstein, quantum mechanics theory
You can feel energy All of us
An organization also exists at an energetic level Family and Organizational Constellations
You can direct energy with intention Books ‘The Field’ and ‘The Intention Experiment’ by Lynn McTaggart


Life energy

All the ancient cultures had a term for life energy: e.g. Ch’i, prana, mana. Science talks about Zero Point Energy. This energy is present everywhere. Life energy is activated by attention and directed by intention. This is how healthy energy is strengthened in organizations.


Everything is possible

For 99,999999999999% an atom is made up of space filled with (life)energy. The remaining 0,000000000001% of matter appears not to be made up of particles but of energy. Concrete reality exists due to our concrete convictions. It looks like everything is fixed the way it is but in reality matter is soft and plastic. We live in a sea of energy with an unlimited amount of possibilities.


Learn a unique profession

ECOintention is unique. There is no other method that both brings back healthy energy and flow into an organization and at the same time coaches the client. This holistic approach improves wellbeing and communication while increasing output. Awareness-raising and change processes happen more quickly and the impact last longer. So far around100 ECOintention practitioners have graduated.


Many of them work freelance or for Center for ECOintention, earning a substantial amount of their income that way. Some of them have developed a new approach (e.g. Feelgood Garden). All graduates use their ECOintention knowledge and experience in their daily life and work.


The Center for ECOintention (previously known as Centrum voor ECOtherapie) was established by Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols. It delivers the ECOintention vocational training and balances annually about 100 projects nationally and internationally using ECOintention.


An ECOintention Practitioner works

As ECOintention Practitioner you develop numerous competencies that you can immediately apply, even in your current work.


An ECOintention Practitioner...

- Brings energy and flow back into organizations and ecosystems

- Improves the energy of events such as concerts, performances and festivals

- Works with people, animals, trees and plants

- Knows the power of attention and intention

- Can affirm goals and get luck on their side

- Can relax inside, protect themselves energetically and ground

- Can heal and read auras

- Can perceive electro smog and clear spaces

- Applies the theories of morphic fields, zero point energy and Huna

- Can coach using the core quadrants, the Spiral of Creation and the Rose of Leary

- Works as a coach using organizational constellations, numerology, the Golden Mean and tarot

- Can dowse following a recognized method

- Can organize and run a workshop

- Can give a presentation in public

- Works with consciousness, commitment, care

- Does more with less

- Is inspired, grounded and open

- And is completely themselves


Energetic toolkit

An ECOintention Practitioner uses an energetic toolkit to connect organizations and ecosystems to good energy. Below you can read about some elements of this toolkit along with a few other ECOintention topics.


Tools in the energetic toolkit include for example: flower of life, shri-yantra, mandala, music, colors, crystals and Bach flower remedies. Each one has a specific energetic impact. An ECOintention Practitioner is familiar with these various impacts and applies them with consciousness, commitment and care.

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Coaching with resonant leadership

As an ECOintention Practitioner you bring positive energy and flow back into an organization. At the same time you coach the client following the principles for resonant leadership.


You teach the client how their organization works energetically, how they can steward the energy and give it direction with their intention. Transforming stagnation in the organization and the old patterns in the Guardian themselves are important aspects of this work. Resonant leadership is based on me principles of energetic guardianship.


The principles are:

  • Inner Peace
    You can only work with energy if you are relaxed inside
  • Consciousness of the whole
    You can only charge something energetically if you are conscious of its boundaries
  • Feeling for what’s going on
    By giving the system and everything in it positive attention you charge it up energetically
  • Subject matter expertise
    Before you direct energy, you formulate realistic goals
  • Identify, affirm and visualize goals
    You focus your attention on these goals and imagine that they have been realized
  • Process past pain
    What is holding you back from the past and is standing in the way of you fulfilling your dream?

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Everyone can learn it

Everyone can perceive, interpret and enhance life energy. Our courses and training include young people and adults from the business world, healthcare sector, education, nature conservation, science, animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. Anyone with an interest in life and energy is very welcome. Our motto is “being crazy together is normal”! There are no prerequisites. Only for the third year of the training are three blocks of intuitive development required.


These blocks can be taken during the first and second year from different sources. It is possible to get an exception for prior learning if you have taken similar courses in the past. One block is equivalent to 12
lessons of three hours, so about 108 hours of contact time. For intuitive development in the Netherlands we recommend Jelle Keuning and “Your heart as a compass” www.jehartalskompas.nl.



ECOintention is based on the books “In resonance with nature” and “The universe loves a happy ending” by Hans Andeweg.

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Course Management

Hans Andeweg is responsible for the courses and Rijk Bols for the project support. They have been working with life energy and vitalizing organizations and ecosystems for more than 25 years. They are the founders and management team of Center for ECOintention. There is a team of ECOintention Practitioners who helps them to deliver the courses and support the trainees.

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