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Guardians’ quotes

We have collected a number of statements from Guardians who we asked about their experiences of having their organization or ecosystem balanced with ECOintention.


Everything is growing better…

“Everything is growing better. Even the new plots did better than last year. The hail damaged lots of corn this year, but it didn’t affect us. Our corn is still looking great. Things feel good. As people, it changed our thinking and behavior. We’ve been able to rent an extra 8 ha. of land.”


Everyone seems to either know or be able to find their place…

“Quite a lot of things have certainly moved in the right direction since we started working with ECOintention. The situation with the staff on the estate has improved. Everyone seems to either know or be able to find their place. This creates a much better structure for our organization. Even the negotiations with various institutions seem to be going well which hasn’t always been the case. The water authority taxes have been halved. It seems like we will be able to come to good agreements for hunting and timber. It’s been a good year for the woods.”


Everyone is heading in the right direction…

“My experiences have certainly been positive. Personally I’ve got the impression that a lot happened and was realized over the past year. Even having to fire two full-time staff ended up building trust and enthusiasm. Everyone is heading in the right direction and that’s very motivating, inspiring and productive.”


Things have calmed down…

“When we decided to balance our organization we were constructively critical. Critical because we didn’t know what to expect. Constructive because we felt that things could be different. Going on as before would have meant the end. Before we started with ECOintention we had major problems. Psychologically we were nearly at the end of our tether. Thanks to ECOintention, things have calmed down even though not all of the problems have been solved yet. We have no regrets about taking this step and are looking forward to a positive future.”


You can actually achieve that goal…

“When I was first asked if I wanted to work with ECOintention to increase the positive energy of the Nulde-Horst recreational area, my first reaction was that it was probably all abracadabra. Now I believe that if you clearly describe the success that you want to achieve and that you work towards that goal, then you can really achieve it.”


Helped us to get on the right path and be well grounded…

“We are very happy with the care, commitment and professionalism we experienced with ECOintention. The regular meetings with the consultants and the results of the measurements helped us to get on the right path and stay well grounded. For us the measurements very much reflected what was actually happening on the ground.”


Second best green store of the Netherlands 2004…

“Achieving the second place in the national competition “Best green store in the Netherlands 2004” released a lot of positive reactions. It was clear that clients enjoyed being in the shop and that they valued the service and commitment of the staff. That was very motivating for the Guardians.”


Welcome support…

“ECOintention provided welcome support during the transition from destruction to regeneration. It was necessary to clear up the physical mess on the estate but also the “mess” that had been hanging around from the last 30 years. ECOintention contributed to realizing a new phase in the life of Landgoed De Reehorst.”




> Guardians’ quotes

> Research 2014

> Research 2008|2007|2005