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Educational institutes

"Education is tired of change”




ECOintention at work | IVN Natuureducatie | Jelle de Jong






One of the challenges for educational institutions is finding new inspiration combined with the professionalization of teachers. Another issue is communication with the outside world. How do you ensure that not all of your attention is focused internally but is also aligned with the world around you?




Do you ever feel:

- That you are at full stretch with tired staff?

- That new visions are hard to get implemented?

- That there is a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication?



New energy

ECOintention brings new energy into your organization. It strengthens the self-organizing capacity as well as its decisiveness. It also improves internal and external communication processes. ECOintention helps things to run themselves, requiring less effort to make it all happen. ECOintention also has a positive influence on the atmosphere and relationships at work.



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