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Land - and estate management

"Increase the health and life force of forests and natural areas…"




Maintaining and developing biodiversity is the primary goal of many nature organizations. Yes it often takes years until management plans can be realized in nature. The communication of these plans with the outside world, local inhabitants, local government and other stakeholders is a big challenge. At the same time there’s not much money right now for nature projects. There are content issues such as maintaining biodiversity, dealing with new diseases and pests as well as the lack of water. Due to their everyday busyness, wardens often don’t realize what they’ve already achieved.



Declining vitality?

Is the vitality in your natural area declining? Do you want to be more effective in realizing your projects? Is there too little time for reflection and dialogue?



Health and life force

ECOintention improves the health and life force of forests and natural areas. Biodiversity increases. The natural balance returns. In your organization there is more decisiveness and improvement in the internal and external communication. The necessary finances are accessed more easily. Luck seems to be on your side. It also appears that taking a moment to be conscious of what’s already been achieved is an important aspect.



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