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Small- and medium-sized enterprises

“Our sector is struggling”




ECOintention at work | De Stijl Makelaardij | Mariska Appelman






It’s not easy to stay afloat in times of economic crisis. Particularly if you are in a sector where people are being laid off. Or where the consumer’s (fickle) behavior heavily influences results. Maybe you have the feeling that people are working very hard in your organization but that “it’s hardly worth it”.




Would you like to be more agile in response to market developments? Do you need a bit of support? Or are you looking for new inspiration?




ECOintention helps you to realize your goals. It creates the conditions for a healthy organization where policy, implementation and communication are aligned. It makes your organization flexible and resilient. Luck seems to be on your side. The image of your organization improves making it more attractive to consumers, staff and suppliers.



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