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Events and collaborations

"Every year requires a big effort…"





ECOintention at work | Happinez | Eveline Helmink & Tess Warmerdam





Setting something up from scratch?

Working towards the big day? How do you mobilize people and resources, ensure that the run-up to your event, festival, conference or other form of collaboration happens in a realistic and focused way? How do you develop an agile organization and a successful event where are all participants enjoy the location, the program, great food and good energy?



Increased self-organization

With ECOintention you increase the flow and self-organization in an event so that more things seem to look after themselves and less effort is needed to organize something. Luck seems to be on your side. You save time, costs, energy and stay in a good mood. The visitors and participants also benefit from a nice relaxed feeling on the day itself.




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