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Forestry and horticulture

"The trends are heavily influenced by women’s magazines…"



Demanding market

Because the market is getting ever more demanding and the trends change ever more quickly, it is a challenge for many growers to keep pace with the consumers’ wishes. On top of that it is important not to lose the unique identity of your business while creating a market for your product. The quest for sustainable pesticides is more intense than ever. It’s also challenging to find qualified and motivated personnel.



Less vulnerability?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re running behind the latest developments? Trouble finding motivated and qualified personnel? High costs? Do you want to be more flexible in relationship to developments in the market, better equipped against climate changes, have a better balance between costs and revenue?



More attractive companies

ECOintention increases the resilience of your organization. It makes you more aware of your business. You seem to have luck on your side. It increases the reputation of your company so that staff and clients feel attracted to your organization. It stimulates better communication. It reduces sick leave and complaints. Reducing the amount of pesticides needed is also one of the real possibilities.



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