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Organizations & Ecosystems

Our services for organizations and ecosystems


In a healthy organization full of vitality, where there is enough life energy, goals are realized and people are inspired and fulfilled. There is a sense of coherence; a connected, fruitful and meaningful whole that makes its unique contribution to the world.

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Balanced organizations - good vibes

With ECOintention you can align your organization energetically. This process starts with an intake conversation following which a certified ECOintention Practitioner makes a scan of the organization. This energetic scan provides information about the energy in the organization. “How much vitality is there in your organization? Is there a healthy flow? Is there stress? Are there blockages related to old patterns? Can the staff solve problems by themselves?” The scan also shows to what extent goals can be realized and changes can be implemented sustainably.





Balanced ecosystems – healthy trees, animals and people

The method that ECOintention is based on was first developed to energize forests and ecosystems. After that we worked a lot with farmers who saw the productivity of their agricultural land increase and the health of their animals improve. The balancing process for nature and land is the same as the process for balancing organizations. It starts with an intake conversation after which a certified ECOintention Practitioner makes a scan of the organization or area of land. The energetic scan provides information about the area of land and the organization that manages it.





Energetic scan – three levels

The energetic scan happens at three levels of the organization::


MIND Vision, mission, goals and strategy
(Concept level)
MOVES Internal and external communication, interaction, discussion and decision-making
(Contact level)
MATTER The operational level, the workplace, action, turnover and results
(Realization level)



Organization and nature in flow – three phases

There are three phases to improving the energy in your organization or ecosystem. We start with the balancing phase. The energy is aligned with the target values. This phase takes 4 to 8 months. After that comes the stabilization phase of 3 to 6 months during which the energy is channeled to all parts of the organization. In this phase clients often notice that calm returns to the organization.


At the end of the stabilization phase the energy is well anchored. The benefits can be harvested. All the energetic values are displayed and summarized monthly in charts so that you can follow the whole process. As the client you are coached throughout this time. You learn how your organization functions energetically, how to manage the energy and channel it with your intention. Transforming stagnation in the company and old patterns in yourself are important parts of this work.


If you choose to, you can continue with the continuation phase during which you keep the organization energetically aligned and give it direction. Center for ECOintention hands back the project but can keep track of it on request.





The power of ECOintention

ECOintention is unique. There is no other method that both coaches the client while bringing healthy energy and flow back into the whole organization. By working in this holistic way, well-being and communication are improved and productivity is increased. Awareness raising and change processes happen faster and last longer.



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